Neco 2023 Data Processing Practical Answers

(i) I ensured my work was saved frequently.
(ii) I ensured i check my work well before printing.

(i) Indenting: Indenting in Microsoft Word refers to the process of adjusting the left or right margins of a paragraph or section of text.

(ii) Word Wrap is a feature that automatically moves text to the next line when it reaches the right margin of the document, ensuring that all text remains visible without the need for horizontal scrolling.

(1c) Save updates the current document while maintaining its original file name, location, and format, WHILE Save As allows you to create a new copy of the document with different parameters, such as a new file name, location, or file format.


(i) I ensured my work was saved frequently.
(ii) I ensured i check and validate my answers.

(i) For Data organization and storage.
(ii) For Data analysis and calculations.
(iii) For Budgeting and financial planning.
(iv) For Project management.
(v) For Data visualization.

(i) Workspace: A workspace refers to all the open workbooks and their exact screen position and window sizes. OR A workspace is a way of saving the layout of open workbooks so you can open them the same way next time.

(ii) Cell range: A cell range is typically defined by specifying the upper-left cell and the lower-right cell of the range, separated by a colon (:). For example, “A1:B10” represents a cell range that includes all the cells from A1 to B10, inclusive.

(ii) -Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe Illustrator

  • CorelDRAW
  • Standard toolbar: it provides quick access to commonly used tools and commands.
  • Status bar: it Displays information about the current document, such as zoom level and page size.
  • Color palette:it Allows users to select and apply colors to objects in their designs.
  • Drawing page:it Provides a workspace for creating and editing graphics, including drawing shapes, adding text, and arranging elements.

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