Lesson Note

Subject: Civic Education

Topic: Orderliness

Lesson Objective: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

1. Define and explain the meaning of orderliness;

2. Enumerate some examples of orderliness;

3. State the importance of Orderliness in the society.

Lesson Summary/Discussion

The term Orderliness can be defineLesson Summary/Testd as the art of doing things in a peaceful orderly manner or fashion. It is the art by which things are arranged in a proper, neat and systematic way.

Orderliness also entails people taking time to become aware of everything that is going on in their lives which they choose to handle in a certain order. Orderliness is also a situation
where laws are obeyed and authority is respected.


1. Listening Skills: We listen to gain information, to make decisions and good judgement. Good listening habits help to avoid misunderstandings, embarrassment and mistakes. There is need for us to be attentive to others while they talk.
Orderliness involves paying attention
while others talk.

2. Queuing culture: Queuing is an important way to maintain orderliness in the society. There may need for us to queue up at some places where many people want to enjoy same services with us. This will help in letting things go in a well orderly manner. Examples of places where we may need to queue up are: Hospitals, banks, airports, petrol stations, supermarkets, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) points, e.t.c

3. Driving Skills: There is need for us to acquire driving skills before driving. It is important to go through the normal driving school process prescribed by the authority concerned before making any attempt to drive. That is where we will be thought the necessary driving skills. We can demonstrate orderliness in driving by observing the traffic light, obeying traffic warden instruction and obeying the traffic rules and regulations.

4. Decorum: This is referring to as a requirement of correct behavior in polite society. It is a right behavior expected at a particular situation. This behavior should be exhibited always. For example, perfect silence is expected from students while the principal is given them instructions on the assemble ground.

5. Obeying traffic rules and regulation: It is important for us to obey traffic rules and regulation while driving. There is need for proper understanding of traffic signs.


  • Time saving: Much time will not be wasted where there is orderliness.
  • Reduction of frustration: There exist several cases of dis orderliness like in time of queuing at the banks, fuel stations e.t.c this leads to frustration of several kinds. Orderliness helps reduce frustration when things are done accurately.
  • Promotion of good national image: If everyone keeps to orderliness in our daily activities, it will help promote peace, unity and progress which will thereby improve and foster good national name and image.
  • lt promotes peace in the society: Maintained orderliness in the society mostly in the public place like church, school, market e.t.c will promote and foster peace in the society.
  • It brings about national growth: orderliness brings about national growth due to the lact that the time which would have been wasted will thereby put into productivity and effectiveness to the nation growth.


1. Emulation: Others would want to copy from the orderly manner in which things are done.

2. Fulfilment: Orderliness brings about a sense of fulfilment.

3. Peace: Orderliness avoids fighting, shouting and quarrelling and these foster peaceful situations.

4. Friendliness: Orderliness promotes friendliness among people and societies.

5. Possibility: Orderliness makes thinking and other things easy and possible.

Lesson Evaluation/Test

1. What is orderliness?

2. Mention three examples of oderliness.
3. What are the merits of orderliness?

4. List and explain four roles orderliness plays in the society.

Questions answered correctly? Bravo😍

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