1. A prerequisite for orderliness is A. humility. B. morality. C. hardwork. D.

2. National symbols are also referred to as symbols of national A. cooperation. B. identity. C. unity. D development.

3. Law of libel and defamation of character violates right to freedom of A. fair hearing B. religion. C. expression. D. association.

4. Who among the following is not a
foremost Nigerian nationalist? A.
Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa B. Dr.
Nnamdi Azikiwe C. General Yakubu
Gowon D. Chief Obafemi Awolowo

5.The major reason for the enactment
of traffic regulations is to A. make sure people travel for business purpose. B. arrest traffic offenders and violators.
C. ensure safety and allow easy flow
of traffic. D. ensure the sustenance and longevity of the roads.

6. The basic responsibility of parents is A. providing necessities of life for the children. B. buying expensive gifts for the children. C. sending the children abroad for quality education. D. visiting sites of attraction with the children.

7. The attitude that prevents peaceful
resolution of inter-communal conflict
is A. conciliation. B. resentment. C.
dialogue. D. mediation.

Use the passage below to answer
questions 8 and 9.

8. It is a common practice for the youths of Upe village to meet every last Saturday of the month to build a proposed structure. Through this practice, they have successfully built a monumental market complex which attracts people from neighboring villages.

9. The zeal shown by the youths of Upe village is a manifestation of A. community service. B. political participation. C. national development. D. town planning

10. The youth who took part in the various building projects in Upe village are said to be A. reliable. B. self-reliant. C. hardworking. D. selfless.

11. Which of the following may not be vested with a constituted authority? A. family B. A mob C. A school D. The

12. An individual who finds it difficult to do without in-take of prohibited substances is A. a human trafficker. B. an armed robber. C. a drug addict. D.


13. Which of the following is not a method of recruiting victims for human trafficking? A. Deceit B. Threat C. Application D. Abduction

14. The law protecting certain individuals from being prosecuted is called A. penal code. B. constitutional protection. C. immunity clause. D. legal rights.

Use the cartoon in Fig. I to answer
questions 15 to 18.

15. We can conclude that the mother of the boy putting on a face cap in the cartoon in Fig. 1 is a A. religious mother. B. responsible parent. C. wealthy peer-son. D. child activist.

16. The effect of the interaction as captured in the cartoon in Fig. 1 in relation to Civic Education is A. mass mobilization. B. pressure group. C. peer pressure. D. popular participation.

17. We can make inference from the response of the boy wearing short pants in the cartoon in Fig. I that he A. needs the knowledge of Civic Education. B. became industrious through empowerment C. gets financial support from his family. D. lacks moral care of a responsible parent.

18. Which of the following is not an advisable way through which the orientation of the boy wearing short pants in the cartoon in Fig. 1 can be corrected? A. Subjecting him to harsh punitive measures B. Impacting an effective in Education in him C. He needs morally upright and responsible parenting D. An effective guidance and counselling section

19. Limitation to the right to life can be found in the case of A. an imprisoned person. B. a kidnapped person. C. a condemned person. D. a trafficked person.

20. In which of the following do citizens have equal rights? Right to A. freedom of movement B. freedom from discrimination C. free education D. form or join any political party

21. Interest and willingness to participate in the affairs of a nation are forms of A. popular participation. B. national

consciousness. C. political apathy. D,
citizenship education.

22. The societal norms that represents
the overall attitude of people in a
society is called A. group values. B.
general values. . religious values. D.
personal values.

Use the quotation below to answer
question 23.
My stiffest earthly assignment is ended and major life’s work is done. My Country is now free..
– Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

23. The speaker quoted above must have fought hard for national A. prosperity. B. recognition. C. development. D. in dependence.

24. Irresponsible parenting has the tendency of A. encouraging egoistic tendencies. B. preserving of culture. C. promoting of positive values. D. promoting peaceful co-existence.

25. Which of the following is a cause of political apathy in Nigeria? A. Adequate citizenship education B. A free and fair election C. Biased electoral umpires D. Adequate political awareness.

26. Representation of Nigerians in the
senate is A. proportional. B. collegial.
C. equal. D. unequal.

27. Identify the odd one from the list below in relation to citizenship obligations. A. Payment of tax B. Right to personal liberty C. Protection of public utilities D. Obedience to the law

28. According to the 1999 constitution
as amended, sovereignty belongs to
the A. president who is also the Com-
mander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.
B. people from whom government de
rives its power and authority. C. National ASsembly which has power to make laws and amend the constitution. D. judiciary which interprets the laws of the state.

29. Article l of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states that all human beings A. have freedom of movement. B are born free and equal. C. should be free from torture. D. have

Use the quotation below to answer
questions 30 and 31.
If you cannot beat them, join them.

30. The statement is an indication of a
society that is A. ethically upright. B.
morally degenerated. C. politically
disintegrated. D. socially regenerated.

31. Through which of the following means can the effect of the above quotation on the society be rectified? A. Compulsory communal service B. Strengthening of the constitution C. Reorientation of values D. Distribution of relief materials during emergency

32. Interpersonal relationship is promoted through the following ways except A. confrontation. B. healthy competition. C. cooperation. D. communal living.

33. An activity meant to promote and protect the interest of a country is A. unitarianism. B. communism. C. communalism. D. nationalism.

34. Democracy is important because it A. accommodates popular participation. B. accommodates political apathy. C. encourages operational bureaucracy. D. breeds ethnic competition and rivalry

35. Which of the following criminal act is most commonly perpetrated by cult members? A. Prostitution. B. Money Laundering C. Corruption D. Violence.

Use the dialogue below to answer
questions 36 and 37.
Tim: Jim, let’s go to the hospital and
confirm our HIV status.
Jim: Really? Does my face resemble
that of someone with HIV? After all
I am too poor to engage in illicit sex
drug abuse nor keep numerous partners like you do.
Tim: It is more than what you think
Jim. You suffer other noticeable symptoms which makes me suspicious of your status.
Jim: Okay, just to satisfy your curiosity, let’s go.

36. From the above dialogue, noticeable symptoms Tim must have observed about Jim include the following except A. profuse night sweats. B. persistent diarrhea. C. increase in appetite. D
unusual fatigue.

37. Individuals like Jim in the story above who believe HIV carriers are selective, can get enlightenment through A. effective praying and fasting B. youth empowerment programme. C. sex and civic education. D. popular participation.

38. Which of the following is not a function of the judicial arm of government’? A. Interpretation of law B. Judicial review C. Checking of arbitrariness D. Initiation of bills

39. The officials of the administrative
agency of the state that are most active in governance belongs to the A. legislative organ. B. judicial organ. C. executive organ. D. civil societies.

40. One major reason some Nigerian|
youths join cult groups is A. inadequate religious and moral instruction. B. poor welfare programme for students. C. inadequate support from guardians and parents. D. prevalence of corruption among political elites.

41. All the following are aims of youth empowerment scheme except A. reduction of youth delinquency. B. promotion of self-reliance. C. maximization of profit. D. building of selfesteem.

42. A situation where only 35% of over 80 million registered voters participated in a general election, is an indication of political A. instability. B. exclusiveness. C. apathy. D. socialization.

43. The organizations working against
dictatorship and mounting of campaigns for effective civil rule are called A. professional bodies. B. religious institutions. C. political parties. D. civil societies.

Use the diagram in fig. 2 to answer questions 44 and 45

44. In a democratic government structure the portion marked x in the diagram in fig.2 is A. press. B.
Judiciary. C. civil societies D. political

45. The major function of the activity of the occupiers of the portion marked x in the diagram in Fig. 2 is to A. interpret lawS. B. execute policies. C. make by-laws. D. formulate policies.

46. Which of the following is not a problem of Civil society? A. Leadership Struggle B. Poor funding C. Planning to capture political power D. Embezzlement of fund

47. One of the major complaints against the public service is A. inefficiency. B. victimization. C. discrimination. D. election rigging.

48. From which of the following sources are Constitutional provisions not derived? A. Statutory sources B. Customary sources C. Judicial precedents D. Story books

49. The head of the judicial arm of government in Nigeria is the A. Chief Justice. B. Supreme Leader C. Chief of
Staff. D. Chief Magistrate.

50. The composition of National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria could be termed A. unicameral. B. collegial. C. bicameral. D. hierarchical.



4(a)Outline five negative consequences or cultism on its members in the society.
(b) In what five ways can responsible parenting assist in reducing high rate of cultism in the society?

15(a)Outline five reasons for which those who tested positive to HIVIAIDS are being discriminated against in the society.
(b) In what five ways does the contraction of HIVAIDS impact on the socio-economic life of the victim?

6(a)Highlight five major empowerment skills that youths require for self-reliance in Nigerian society?
(b) State five reasons for the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria.



7(a)Define political party as a pilar of democracy.

b) Highlight six ways of enhancing the
credibility of democratic elections in

8. Explain any five of the following
forms of civic society:
(a) Pro-democracy groups; (b) Labour
groups; (c) Professional groups; (d)
Religious groups; (e) Student groups;
(f) Gender based groups; (g) Human
rights groups.

9. Enumerate five reasons for which the public service sector in Nigeria has not been proficient.

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