Lesson Note

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Servicom

Lesson Objective: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

1. Say the meaning of servicom;

2. State the aims of servicom;

3. Mention the five cardinal Principles of servicom;

4. State the importance of servicom.

Meaning of Servicom
Servicom means service compact or
service delivery, whereby each civil/public servant is expected to perform his/her duties without inducement in Nigeria. It is a servicecompact with Nigerian citizens, upon which they can expect improved, efficient, transparent, timely and good quality service delivery. It can be seen as
a social contract between the Federal
Government and the people of Nigeria, to ensure service is performed without inducement. It was launched on Ist July, 2004 by President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Aims of Servicom

  • The Federal Government aims at achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the civil service
  • Government aims at eradicating inducement, bribery and corruption in the civil service.
  • To orientate both public/civil servants on their rights and obligations.
  • To eradicate the ‘-don’t-care’ or nonchalant attitude among the civil servants towards service.
  • To achieve prompt service delivery.
  • To reduce the cost of and waste in the service.

Five Cardinal Principles of
The leadership must ensure that all
service providers (officials) are committed to the cardinal principles of servicom namely:
a. Affirmation: Those concermed
must affirm their commitment to serve the people.
b. Conviction: All service providers
must be convinced that the country
can only realise its full potentials, it
citizens receive prompt and efficient
service from the state.

c. Consideration: There should be
consideration for the needs and rights
of all Nigerians, to enjoy social and
economic advancement.

d. Dedication: There must be dedication in delivery of services to the people.

c. Commitment: All service providers
must be committed to deliver
services, that the citizens are entitled
to fairly, efficiently and timely.

Importance of Servicomn
The essence of introducing servicom is to:

  1. Provide quality service to the people.
  2. Set out the entitlement of the citizens.
  3. Ensure good leadership.
  4. Reduce corruption in our society
  5. Educate the citizens on their rights
  6. Empower public officers to be alive to their responsibilities in providing improved, efficient, timely and transparent services.

Lesson Evaluation/Test

  1. What is servicom?
  2. What are the aims of servicom?
  3. Mention the five cardinal.
  4. What are the importance of servicom?

Questions answered correctly? Bravo😍!