Lesson Note

Subject: Civic Education

Topic: Right Attitude to Work

Lesson Objective: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

1. Define work, attitude, and right attitude to work;

2. Mention and explain the attributes of right attitude to work;

3. State the reward for showing right attitude to work;

4. State the Consequences of not showing right attitude to work;

5. Mention some agencies aimed at promoting right and positive attitudinal changes.

Lesson Summary/Discussion

Meaning of Work
Work, job, occupation or activity refers to any human effort, which can be refer mental or physical, fashioned or tailored towards earning a living. Man uses his earnings or income to solve the problems of his basic needs -shelter, food and clothing.

Meaning of Attitude
Attitude is an organised and
consistent manner of thinking, feeling and reacting to people, groups and social issues in one’s environment. Attitude is a learnable habit, which can be done knowingly or unknowingly in the course of education or training.

Attitude is important for survival and for any person to acquire:

  • Consistent way of thinking in regard to certain people, objects and events.
  • Consistent way of feeling towards political, economic and cultural issues.
  • Consistent way of acting or reacting to such issues.

Meaning of Right Attitude to Work
Right attitude to work refers to the
positive practice of doing activities or
jobs or duties or functions, with every
form of seriousness. It shows the
willingness and ability to engage in group or collective work for the sole aim of helping oneself and mankind. Attitude to work is the way or manner in which we do or attend to our duties or work. For any nation to make progress or develop, its citizens must have the right attitude to work. A nation may have abundant resources, but if the people do not have the right attitude to work, its resources cannot be well managed. For example, if
a driver does not do his work well, and there is an accident, people will die.
Equally, if a medical doctor does not do his work well, sick people will suffer and possibly die.
It is very important that people
have certain attitudes to work. Some
worthwhile or right attitudes are:
including the interest of old and the
helpless in formulating policies or
taking decisions; politeness in the
treatment of other people.
Right attitude to work brings increased productivity, and leads to progress, growth and development. It also includes patriotism, tolerance, Joy, satisfaction, security, truthfulness, kindness, gentleness and prudence.

Attributes of Right Attitude to Work

1. Honesty: This is the quality of being truthful, sincere and straight forward in dealing with members of society. One is expected to be honest to the family, village, town, school, industrial set-up and in the religious circle, etc. attribute of right attitude to work creates room for better management of material resources in society. Students with right attitude to reaang nabits, must surely be honest in all their dealings and endeavour. Honesty should be pursued by our youths, in order to cultivate right attitudes in their daily life and duties.

2. Integrity: This relates to doing what is right always, being faithful and dedicated to whatever duty one is called to do. A man of integrity is a person who can be trusted at all times, who does not change easily; but is highly principled and firm in whatever stand or case he or she is pursuing.
ensures quality in the production of goods services. It also helps to build up tourism, generate income and make for quick transformation of the entire society.

3. Commitment: Right attitude to
work gives rise to commitment to duty.
Duty consciousness is important.
committed person is not selfish. He is
always prepared to make sacrifices with time, energy, talent and resources, in order to achieve good name for himself and his nation.

4. Punctuality: Right attitude to work avoids ‘African time syndrome’ i.e attending functions or events behind schedule, waste of man-hour, shuns absenteeism, eye service, procrastination, etc. It encourages being up and doing, doing the right thing at the right time and place, and doing it the way it should be done. Punctuality makes people to form the good habit of observing first things first and well.

5. Consistency: Right attitude to work encourages consistency, which has
to do with high degree of reliability, steadfastness and durability in production, distribution and exchange of goods and services in the economy.
Consistency brings satisfaction and
stimuli to both the givers and receivers of the services rendered.

6. Regularity: Right attitude to work promotes regular attendance to work, class, social activities, etc. It also provides for recreation and resumption of work, reward and other motivations. All these help to promote the tone of the school, organisation and society.

7. Diligence: Right attitude encourages the practice of being active, and hard-working in all areas of life. Diligence attempts to remove the problem of waste of time and other essential materials. Students should be diligent in their everyday life, especially in their school work.

8. Transparency: This has to do with
being open-minded; not harbouring
negative habits or feelings that could
bring about conflicts in work places,
school environment and society.

Reward or Importance of Right Attitude to Work

Right attitude to work has many rewards. which, among others, include:

1. Higher Rroductivity: Right attitude to work leads to higher productivity. This means that individuals produce more and give their best. The right attitude to work brings out the best potentials in individuals and leads to job satisfaction, prosperity and security of life. It is important to note that the aim of every work, is to provide
service and the right attitude to work
will ensure provision of meaningful and useful service to our family, community, fellow citizens and the nation as a whole.

2. Efficiency: Right attitude to work will open way to efficiency in the management and utilisation of natural and human resources of a nation.
An efficient worker is a productive person, who can do a lot within the shortest time frame. Efficiency is the bye-product of right attitude to work, and so, our youths should cultivate this right attitude to work in order to be efficient.

3. Improved National Image: The right attitude to work and interest in the welfare and well-being of the country and its citizens, will earn the respect of the international community and this, in the long run, enhancec or improves the national image. The good attitude to work will inspire the leaders and followers, to contribute meaningfully towards the attainment of the national goals and aspirations.

4. Progress: Right attitude to work creates a broad way for progress in
politics, economy, culture, sports,
education, governance and in every area of human endeavour.
People should not be lazy. Where there is no work available, they should initiate or create one, be self-employed and
employers of labour. Little beginning
with dedication leads to great achievement and progress.

5. Recognition: This is another reward likely to be attracted to positive attitude to work. There will be internal and external recognition accorded to the person or nation that has the right attitude to work. At the national level, right attitude to work, will attract proper management and utilization of natural and human resources. Good attitude to work pays, because it will attract recognition from the community or the country at the individual level.

6. Good, and Strong Legacy: Right attitude to work will provide good
and strong legacy for the on-coming
generation. The strong institution built in the past, will stand to reflect the right attitude to work of their forefathers and great, great grandmothers. The legacy will remind the youths and generations yet unborn, that the labours of their past heroes shall not be in vain.

Consequences of Not Showing Right Attitude to Work

Declining Productivity:
Negative attitude to work brings about decline in the production level of the people. The people produce little or nothing due to lack of interest, commitment, dedication and incentive.
Decline in productivity brings suffering to the citizens, especially the poor and the needy. A country with decline in productivity is heading towards hunger, suffering. poverty, diseases and high rate mortality of human lives.

National Disasters: Some national disasters, mishaps or accidents, be it in the air as plane crash, in the sea as shipwreck, on land as road traffic accidents, water pollution, and
over-flooding, are all avoidable
disasters, but due to bad attitude to
work of some people and their careless approach to doing things, we have such disasters. Some people
become lawless and do things the way they like, not the way they are supposed to be done and so the result is always one disaster or the other. Natural vegetation is tampered with, neglecting the way nature made it. Trees are felled without replacements. Land is reclaimed from water bodies without adequate plans, water drainages are blocked with solid
materials such as pure water sachets,
polythene and toxic wastes from
industries and mechanic workshops. All these give room for national disasters.

Lack of Motivation: One of the
consequences of not having the right
attitude to work Is that people are not
satisfied with what is available due to
lack of motivation from the immediate environment and the employer of labour. Lack of motivation discourages the individual citizens from contributing according to their abilities or talents or competencies. It is a known fact that organisms repeat actions that are rewarding, thereby creating larger activities for more goods and services to be produced in society. When the opposite is the case, the individual becomes indifferent and attaches less importance to work.

Indiscipline: Poor attitude to work has given birth to many forms of acts of among public officers. Many people
have lost interest in their paid jobs.
They no longer do what they are
employed to do. Some will want you
to beg or bribe them before they can
carry out their official work. Some play truancy in the office, embezzle public fund and convert government property to private use. There is abuse of office and power here and there.
Even in trading business, people adopt tricks or cheating the helpless ones; and the social life of the people
becomes polluted with indecent
behaviour. There are child abuse, drug abuse, lawlessness and outright refusal to obey constituted authority. At the students level, the students display truancy, stealing, holding back of school fees with the intention of
using same, cheating in examination,
dropping out of school, engaging in
forgery and impersonation, etc. All
these forms of indiscipline are
consequences of not having the right
attitude to work.

Government Agencies/ Programmes aimed at Promoting Right and Positive Attitudinal Changes

The desire by the Federal Government of Nigeria to inculcate
positive and right attitude and societal values in its citizenry, through civic education geared towards raising national consciousness and patriotism, started immediately after independence in 1960.
Government has introduced varying
programmes, aimed at value re-orientation and positive attitudinal
changes in its citizens.

Some of the programmes and agencies are as follows:
1. The Ethical Revolution by President
Shehu Shagari in 1981.
2. The War Against Indiscipline (WAI)
by General Muhammadu Buhari and Tunde ldiagbon in 1984.
3. MAMSER-Mass Mobilization for
Self-Reliance, Social Justice and
Economic Recovery by General
Ibrahim Babangida in1987.
4. National Agency for Food and
Drug Administration and Control
(NAFDAC) by General Ibrahim
Babangida in Jan. 1993.
5. NOAM-National Orientation
Agency or Movement by General
Sani Abacha.
6. Servicom by President Olusegun
Obasanjo in 2004.
7. Due Process by President Olusegun Obasanjo -2005.

8. Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) by President
Olusegun Obasanjo in June, 2000
9. Independent Corrupt Practices
and other Related Offences
Commission (ICPC) by President
Olusegun Obasanjo.
10. Re-branding Nigeria Campaign
by President Musa Yar’Adua, March, 2009.

Lesson Evaluation/Test

1. Describe right attitude to work.
2. State the attributes of right attitude to work.

3. Enumerate the rewards of showing right attitude to work.

4. What are consequences of not having the right attitude to work?
Questions answered correctly? BravošŸ˜

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