Lesson Note

Subject: Marketing

Topic: Advertising (Benefits)

Lesson Objective: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to state the benefits of advertisement to the the following:

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers And Retailers
  • Consumers
  • Salesmen
  • Community/society

Lesson Summary/Discussion


Advertising broadens the knowledge of the consumers. With the aid of advertising, consumers find and buy necessary products without much waste of time. This speeds up the sales of commodities, increases the efficiency of distribution.

Benefits to Manufacturers
1. It increases sales volume by creating attraction towards the product.

2. It helps easy introduction of new
products into the markets by the
same manufacturer.

3. It helps to create an image and
reputation not only of the products
but also of the producer or
advertiser. In this way, it creates
goodwill for the manufacturer.

4. Retail price, maintenance is also
possible by advertising where price
appeal is the promotional strategy.

5. It helps to establish a direct contact
between manufacturers and consumers.

6. lt helps to smoothen the demand for the product. It saves the product
from seasonal fluctuations by
discovering new and new usage ot
the product.

7. It creates a highly responsive market and thereby quickens the turnover that results in lower inventory.
8. Selling cost per unit is reduced
because of increased sale volume.
Consequently, product overheads
are also reduced due to mass
production and sale.

Advertising gives the employees a
feeling of pride in their jobs and to
be in the service of such a concern
organization. It, thus inspires the
executives and worker to improve
their efficiency.

Advertising is necessary to meet up
with the competition in the market
and to survive it.

Benefits to Wholesalers and Retailers
1. Easy sale of the products is possible
since consumers are aware of the
product and its quality.

2. It increases the rate of the turn-over
of the stock because demand is
already created by advertisement.

3 It supplements the selling activities.

4. The reputation created is shared by
the wholesalers and retailers alike
because they do not need to spend
anything since advertisement has
already advertised the product.

5. It ensures more economical selling
because selling overheads are

6. It enables them to have product

Benefits to Consumers

1. Advertising stresses quality and
very often prices. This forms an
indirect guarantee to the consumers
of the quality and price. Further
large scale production assumed by
advertising enables the seller to sell
the product at a lower cost.

2. Advertising helps in eliminating
the middlemen by establishing
direct contacts between producers
and consumers. It results in cheaper

3. It helps them to know where and
when the products are available.
This reduces the time they spent in

4. It provides an opportunity for the
customers to compare the merits
and demerits of various substitute.

5. This is perhaps the only medium
through which consumers could
know the varied and new uses of the
6. Modern advertisements are highly

Benefits to Salesmen
Salesmanship is incomplete without
advertising. Advertising serves as the
forerunner of a salesman in the distribution of goods. Advertisement is beneficial to salesmen in the following ways:
Introducing the’ product becomes
quite easy and convenient because
manufacturer has already advertised the goods, informing the consumers about the product and its quality.

2. Advertising prepares necessary
ground for a salesman to begin his
work effectively. Hence sales
efforts are enhanced.

3. The contact established with the
customer by a salesman is made
permanent through effective
advertising, because a customer is
assured of the quality and price of
the product.

4. The salesman can weigh the
effectiveness of advertising when
he makes direct contact with the

Benefits to Community or Society

1. Advertising, in general, is educative in nature. It is essentially a form of
education and the progress of
civilization depends on education.

2. Advertising leads to a large-scale
production, thereby creating more
employment opportunities for the
public in various jobs directly or

3. It initiates a process of creating
more wants and their satisfaction
higher standard of living. For
example, advertising has made
more popular and universal the uses
of such inventions as the automobiles, radios, and various household appliances.

4. Newspapers would not have become so popular and so cheap if there had been no advertisements.

The cheap production of newspaper
is possible only through the publication of advertisements in
them. It sustains the press.

5. It assures employment opportunities for the professional men and artist.

6. Advertising does provide a glimpse
of a country’s way of life. It is, in fact, a running commentary on the way of living and the behaviour of the people and is also an indicator of some of the future in this regard.

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Lesson Evaluation/Test

What are the benefits of advertisement to the following?

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers And Retailers
  • Consumers
  • Salesmen
  • Community/society

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