Lesson Note

Subject: CRS

Topic: God and His Creation (Disobedience of Adam And Eve)

Lesson Objective: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:
1. Give biblical account of first human disobedience.
2. Identify consequences of Adam
and Eve’s disobedience.
3. State learners disobedience and
4. Write consequences of disobeying
against national laws.
5. State moral lessons on disobedience.

Biblical Account of First Human Disobedience
God created the whole world by
His creative power. He spoke all
things into existence by His spoken
word. But He created man in His
image. God put the man and his
wife in the Garden of Eden. He told
them to eat from all the trees in the
garden except one tree. That tree is
the tree of knowledge of good and

But Adam and Eve did not obey this
command by God. This led to their
dismissal from the Garden of Eden.

Meaning of Disobedience
To disobey means breaking of rules
and regulations.
It also means refusal to keep to
instructions given by one’s superior.
Disobedience, therefore, means a
deliberate act of not doing what one
is told to do by God, his parents,
teachers, country and authorities

Disobedience of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1 19)
In the Bible, we have the first
recorded account of disobedience.
Adam and Eve did what God told them not to do. They ate the fruit of
the tree of knowledge of good and
evil, which God told them not to eat.
God warned them that the day they
ate of it, they would die. But Satan
deceived them and they ate of the

Satan came to Eve in form of a Serpent and told her to eat the fruit
from the tree of knowledge of good
and evil. Eve told the serpent that
God said that they should not eat of
that tree, else they would die. The
serpent said, that they would not die,
rather they would “be as wise as
gods. This means they would be
independent of God.
When the woman saw that the fruit was good, she ate and gave to her husband.
They ate and realized they were naked.
They sowed fig leaves to cover their
nakedness. When they heard the
voice of God in the cool of the day,
they hid themselves because they
were afraid.

Consequences of the Disobedience of Adam and Eve (GENESIS 3:14-19)
Consequences here mean the bad
result or the punishments the disobedience Adam and Eve brought into the world. Everyone of them received his or her own punishments.

Consequences on the Serpent

  • The serpent was cursed above all other animals.
  • It was cursed to Crawl on its belly.
  • It was ordered to eat dust as food.
  • The serpent was to live in perpetual enemity with the woman and her seed.
  • The seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent.

Consequences on Adam

  • The ground was cursed to bring out thorns and thistles for man,
  • Man must suffer before he could eat or earn a living.
  • He would die and return to the
  • dust from which he was formed.

Consequences on Eve

  • She would have painful labour in child-bearing
  • She Would be under her husband as her husband rules over her.
  • Both Adam and Eve were chased out of the beautiful garden.
  • Their relationship with God was broken and they were left alone to suffer.

Learner’s Disobedience and Consequences

Just as we have divine laws, given
by God for everyone to obey, so do
we have dos and don’ts, rules and
regulations, bye laws and laws that guide and conduct our relationships in the homes, schools, communities,
churches and the country as a whole.
As students, one must obey these
rules and laws and show respect to
elders, parents, fellow students, class prefects, teachers, principals,
constituted authorities, places and
things such as National symbols.

Consequences of Disobedience
Every disobedience to rules, laws
and authorities must always attract a
punishment which can be given in
different forms and ways, depending
on the gravity of the offence.

For example:
Disobedience to any school rules,
attracts punishment; for example,
lateness to school or fighting, stealing,
using abusive words, etc, have their
corresponding punishments which can take any of these forms:

Grass cutting, flogging, isolation, kneeling down suspension from school, denial of privileges such as food, snacks, playing with mates, gifts, and so on.

National laws are the rules and
regulations of the state contained in
her constitution, which are meant to
moderate the behaviours of persons
and corporate establishments. At
times, certain actions of people run
contrary to the rules of the state.
Certain punishments await whoever
that breaches such rules. Obviously,
disobedience attracts consequences
on the state and her citizens.

Among Such Consequences are:

  • Careless death of people in the state.
  • Imprisonment of some people
  • Destruction of valuable goods and property owned by either individuals, the state or corporate bodies.
  • Underdevelopment as a result of capital fight and insecurity.
  • Disorderliness and feeling of insecurity in the state.
  • High rate of poverty resulting from capital fights and mutual distrust.
  • Withholding or denying the right of certain citizens.
  • It could result in loss of faith leading to systems breakdown.

People Disobey the Laws in Many
Ways, these Includes;

  1. Vandalism of private or public property.
  2. Disobeying traffic rules.
  3. Engaging in examination malpractice.
  4. Violating electrical laws.
  5. Abducting or kidnapping certain persons.
  6. Stealing and armed robbery.

Moral Lessons

  1. Disobedience is sin.
  2. It attracts punishment.
  3. It affects the happiness of individuals negatively.
  4. It breads hatred and distrust.
  5. Disobedience to national lawvs destroys peace and harmony of the family, community and state.

Lesson Evaluation

  1. Wha is disobedience?
  2. Give biblical account of first human disobedience.
  3. Identify consequences of Adam
  4. and Eve’s disobedience.
  5. Mention some learners disobedience and consequences.
  6. What are the consequences of disobeying national laws?
  7. State the moral lessons that can be learned from this topic.

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