Lesson Note

Subject: CRS

Topic: Life in God’s Service

Class: JS1

Lesson Objective: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  1. Outline the areas, they can render service.
  2. State the problems of service.
  3. State the moral lessons on call to service.

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Lesson Summary/Discussion

Life in God’s Service (1 Peter 2:18-25)
Service to God shows submission to civil authorities because they are ordained by God. From the above passage of the Bible, Peter advises servants to submit to their masters with all respect. They should submit not only to the kind and gentle ones, but also to the overbearing ones. He also reminds Christians to endure grieves for wrong suffering for it is glory unto God. He made it clear that there is no glory in suffering for evil deeds. Instead, it is approved unto God when one suffers for doing well.
Peter pointed out the suffering of Jesus and his death for our sins as example for us to follow.

Jesus did not commit any sin neither
was guile found in Him. Yet, when
He was reviled, He reviled not and
in His suffering, did not threaten anyone rather He committed His
case to the rightful Judge who judges
in righteousness. He bore our sins
on his own body on the cross. He
allowed Himself to be flogged for our
healing. As sheep, we went astray
but He made us to return to the
Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.
So in our service to God we should
endure all suffering as Christ did for

Areas We Can Render Services

Wherever God calls us to serve, let us render our services faithfully, even as a house-help. We can render services in the following Areas:

1. Home: Our duties at
home include:

  • Washing of plates,
  • Sweeping our premises and rooms,
  • taking care of our younger ones,
  • greeting of our parents,
  • fetching water and helping in cooking.

2. School: Our duties in school include:

  • Obeying school rules and regulations.
  • Sweeping and keeping the school environment clean and tidy.
  • Greeting and obeying our teachers and prefects.
  • Singing the national anthem and pledge while standing.
  • Respecting the national flag.

3. Church:

  • Worshiping God in righteousness and holiness.
  • Singing in the choir.
  • Sweeping and cleaning of church compound.
  • Paying our tithes and offerings.
  • Respecting men of God and elders.

Problems of Service

Some of the problems Associated
with Service include:

1. Inability of those that are serving
to accept to suffer injustice without
grumbling: Man naturally despises
pains and always ready to identify with joy, happiness and pleasure. Since in most cases, to experience discomfort, some people serving may refuse to serve delightfully.

2. The Complexities of Man: Man is
indeed problematic. To serve him is the most difficult thing in life, as there
are many that can never be pleased,
no matter how well you serve them.

3. The Problem of Selfishness on
the part of Man: Those who are
serving may decide to serve
themselves other than others through engaging in all forms corrupt practices. Many have used the vantages of their public offices to
enrich themselves.

4. Wrong Assessment of Those
That Render Service to Humanity:
Some societies look down on those
that serve especially when they are
serving justly with the fear of God.
Some see them as fools and call
them derogatory names. This is enough to make those serving to
loose interest in servIce or to embrace
the negative tendency of corruption
Disregard of the services rendered by those that are being served. That is the act of placing little or no value on the services being rendered. This may in turn dampen the morale of the public servant or Volunteer worker in Nigeria for example, the general low rating of teachers has aroused brain drain, male practitioner drop-out, and lack of seriousness on the part of those still in the teaching service. This has led to fall in the standard of education.

Moral Lessons
1. Chistians should obey constituted authoriies.

2. We should endeavour to render
selfess and faithful services wherever God calls us to serve.
3. Christian servants should submit to their masters with respect no matter the master’s attitude
4 We should endure wrong sufferings without murmuring and complaints.

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Lesson Evaluation/Test

  1. Mention the areas, you can render service.
  2. What are the problems we encounter in service?
  3. State the moral lessons on call to service.

Questions answered correctly? GreatπŸ‘

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