Lesson Note
Subject: Christian Religious Studies
Topic: Call to Service
Class: JS1
Lesson Objective: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:
1. Explain the meaning of Service
2. Mention examples of people who
served in the bible.
3. Narrate the sale of Joseph in Egypt
and his service in Egypt.
4. Write on the service of Ruth to her
mother in-law.
5. Say lessons from the service of Joseph and Ruth.

Lesson Summary/Discussion

Meaning of Service
To serve means to work or perform
duties for a person, an organization
and one’s country. Service therefore
means the process of working or
performing duties for an individual, organization, one’s community and country.
Every Christian has one service or the other to render to God and his/her nation. It is important to note that service rendered should come from a willing heart not by force or coercion.

Examples of People Who Served
in the Bible

A. Joseph:

Joseph was one of the sons of Jacob. His father loved him more than his other brothers because Joseph was the child of his old age. Joseph was also a child who did not condone evil. To show his love for Joseph, Jacob made a colourful long sleeve robe also called ‘Coat of many Colours for him. Joseph was hated by his brothers because their father love him more than all of them.

Joseph was also a dreamer. He
dreamt two dreams which he told his
brothers. The dreams signified that

he would be successful above his brothers in future. Again, he always brought to their father the reports of his brothers’ evil deeds. This made them to hate him the more.

The Sale of Joseph to Egypt
(Genesis 37:12-36)
One day, Joseph’s father sent him to
Dothan to give food to his brothers
who were grazing their cattle. He
was to find out about their welfare
and report back to his father. Joseph
did not see them at Dothan, and was
directed to look for them at Shechem. When his brothers saw him coming, they planned to kill him, but Reuben stopped them from killing him.

Later, they sold him to Midianite
traders for 20 shekels of silver. The traders in turn, took him to Egypt
and sold him to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh.

The brothers of Joseph killed a goat and dipped Joseph’s robe in the
blood. They sent it to their father to Identify whether it was Joseph’s robe of many colours. Jacob identified it as
Joseph’s robe and wept bitterly feeling that wild beasts might nave devoured him.

Joseph’s Service in Egypt
(Genesis 413F -5)

In Egypt, Joseph served in three
places, in the house of Potphar, in Prison and as a minister in charge of distributions of food. As a servant in the house of Potiphar, he was diligent and faithful to his master. This made Potiphar to hand over all his businesses to Joseph. But the wife of Potiphar wanted Joseph to lie with her, but Joseph refused. He said that he would not commit such evil before God and his master. As a result of his faithfulness, he was falsely accused by Potphar’s wife. He was unjustly thrown into prison without a fair hearing.

In prison house, Joseph was so humble and loyal that he was made a welfare officer for other prisoners. He also used his talent as an interpreter of dreams to help others. He interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s Butler and Chief Baker.

The Baker was killed while the Buter
was restored to his office. Joseph
also interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh of Egypt. This made Pharaoh to promote him to the position of Prime Minister in Egypt.

In his new position, Joseph was
in made second-in-command Egypt after Pharaoh. He was given a new name, Zaphnath-paneah. He was given a wife, Asenath, the daughter of Potiphar, priest of On.
God blessed their mamage with two
sons. The first son he named Manasseh meaning, God has made me forget my hardship and all my father’s house’. The second son was called Ephraim meaning God has made me fruitful in the land of affliction.”
Joseph served as a minister
incharge of distribution of food in
Egypt. He worked tirelessly. He constructed store-house which

He worked tirelessly. He constructed
store-house which he filled with grains during the year of plenty. He served his master with loyalty accountability as he sold the grains to people. Joseph was so faithful that all the Egyptians came to him for supply of their needs. He was also good in dealing with people from other
countries who came to buy food in
Egypt. When his brothers came to
buy food too, Joseph recognized
them. He treated them kindly and
with compassion. He even forgave
them of their maltreatment to him as a young man. His love for his brethren and family which made
him to ask them to come down to
Egypt to escape starvation during
the years of famine

B. Ruth

The Service of Ruth to Her Mother In-Law (Ruth 1:7-18)

Ruth was a Moabitess maried to
the family of Elimelech. Elimelech
was an Israelite from Bethlehem in
Judea. Elimelech ieft Judea for Moab
With his wife, Naomi, and two sons,
Chillion and Mahlon, to escape from
tamine in Judea. There, his two sons
mamied Moabitess women. Chillion
mamied Ruth while Mahlon mamed

Shorty, Elimelech died and later his
two sons also died. Naomi was now
left with her two daughters inHaw.
When the famine was over, Naomi
decided to go back to Judea. Naomi called her two daughters in-Haw and
advised them to retum to their parents. Her reasons were, that their husbands were dead, and it was not
possible for her to bear other sons for them to get maried to. After much consideration, Orpha went back to
her people but Ruth deaved to her
mother in-law.

When Naomi persisted, Ruth told
her, entreat me not to leave you or to
return from following you; for where
you go I will go, and where you
lodge, I Will lodge, your people shall
be my people and your God my
God; where you die, i wll die, and
there will I be buried. May the Lord
do so to me and more also if it is not
only death parts me from you” With
such detemination, Naomi left her to
her decision. This shows that Ruth
was willing to serve her mother in-law at all costs.

Naomi therefore took Ruth and
returned to Bethlehem and loved her
so much. Ruth laboured to take care
of her mother in-law. Naomi also
made plans for their near kinsman to
take care of Ruth. Ruth served with
faithfulness and hardwork; this made Boaz, Naomi’s kinsman to marry Ruth. Ruth bore to him a son called Obed. Obed means restorer of life and nourisher of old age. Obed became the father of Jesse who was also the father of King David.
Through the lineage of Ruth, Jesus
Christ, the expected Messiah was

Lessons from the Services of Joseph and Ruth

1. Both of them had excellent
qualities in their Services which are worthy of emulation.

2. They were courageous and
determined to survive their adverse environments.

3. They were humble and
submissive to their master and mistress.

4. Both were hard-working and
faithful in service.

5. They were visionary, which made them see a better future amidst dark environment.

6. They were selfess in service and,
willing to help others more than themselves.

7. They had love and compassion
for the welfare of others.

8. Joseph had the fear of God to
avoid sinful practice and forgiving spirit towards all who wronged him.

Lesson Evaluation/Test

1. What is service?
2. Mention examples of people who
served in the bible.
3. Narrate the sale of Joseph in Egypt
and his service in Egypt.
4. Write on the service of Ruth to her
mother in-law.
5. What lessons can be learnt from the service of Joseph and Ruth?

Questions answered correctly? Bravo🥰

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