WK1: Planning for a Personal Marketing outlet
Sources of fund
Identify a good market location
Teacher/Students: explains sources of funds for marketing outlets. The teacher explains methods of identifying good marketing locations.
The students participates in discussion
Instructional Materials
Diagrams, Charts

Wk2: Planning for a personal
marketing outlet
Setting up and operating a
marketing outlet
Teacher: organizes a seminar on
setting up a personal marketing
Instructional Materials
Resource persons

Wk3: Purchase, supply and
merchandizing of goods and
Purchase and supply of goods and services.
Teacher: explains the process of
purchasing and supplying of goods
and services.
Students: listen and participates
in discussion
Instructional Materials
Consumer goods

Wk4: Purchase, supply and
merchandizing of goods and
Selling and bargaining skills
Teacher: discusses the methods of pricing.
Students: demonstrate advertising skills.
Instructional Materials
Organizational goods of various types.

Wk5: Purchase, supply and
merchandizing of goods and services

Fund management.
Teacher: explains how to manage funds appropriately.
Students participates in discussion
Instructional Materials

Wk6: Marketing mix (4 ps)
Explanation of marketing mix (4Ps)
Product and price
Teacher: explains marketing mix
and explains product and price
Students: participate in the discussion.
Instructional Materials
– Products of different kinds, Charts.

Wk7: Marketing Mix (4Ps) Cont.
Explanation of promotion and
Teacher explains promotion and
place extensively.
Students: participate in discussion
Instructional Materials
– Radio advert
– Pictures

Wk8: Distribution (types and functions)
Distribution – Meaning
Types of distribution
Teacher: defines distribution and
explains the types of distributions
Instructional Materials
– Charts
– Magazines
– Pictures

Wk9: Distribution Cont.
Channels of distribution
Teacher: guides students to discuss the channels of distribution and to identify
Students: asks questions
Instructional Materials
– Magazines, pictures, charts

Wk10: Merchandising
Merchandising – Meaning
Features of merchandising
Teacher demonstrates packaging, branding and labeling of products.
Students: observe teachers
Instructional Materials
– Handbills, flyers, Magazines

Wk11: Elements of marketing
Marketing –Meaning
Differences between marketing
and selling.
Teacher: explains marketing, explains differences between marketing and selling.
Students: participate in discussion.
Instructional Materials
– Productions, demonstrations, chart.
12 Revision
13 Examination


Wk1: Marketing Concepts
Meaning of marketing concept
Concepts under which organization conducts marketing activities
The production concept
The product concept
The selling concepts
Marketing concept.
Teacher: discusses the various
marketing concepts
Students: listen to the explanations
Instructional Materials
– Charts, products

Wk2: Marketing Concept (cont.)
The societal marketing concept
The consumer orientation
Integrated organizational efforts
Profit orientation
Teacher: explains the various
marketing concepts
Students: ask questions
Instructional Materials
– Chart, products

Wk3: Business management
Meaning of business management
Business resources
Business Objectives
Teacher: explains meaning of
business management. The teacher
explains business resources and
business objectives
Instructional Materials
Charts, diagrams, calendars,
materials of different kinds,

Wk4: Revision and Examination
Success candidates 😍😍😍