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Lesson Note

Subject: Cultural And Creative Arts

Topic: Team Work And Sense of Belonging

Lesson Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  1. Say the meaning of Teamwork and Sense of Belonging;
  2. State the importance of Teamwork and Sense of Belonging.
  3. Suggest ways to achieve Sense of Belonging.
  4. Work in a group;
  5. Ascertain weather they have sense of belonging.

Lesson Discussions/Summary


Meaning Of Team Work
Teamwork can be defined as the act of working together as a group with the aim of achieving a common or same goal. It is also the process of collaborating as a group in order to achieve a common goal.

Importance Of Teamwork

For learners, working together in a group is always exciting. The following are benefits or importance of working as a team:

  1. Teamwork help to increases productivity.
  2. Team work enables the members to maximize their strength and reduce weakness.
  3. It helps to save time.
  4. Job becomes faster and easier.
  5. When people work in group, it motivate them to work more.
  6. It builds up closeness or intimacy among the workers.
  7. The quality of workers is enhanced.
  8. It encourages multi-disciplinary work among the workers.


Meaning Of A Sense Of Belonging
A sense of belonging is the feeling of a person or people being connected and accepted within a family and community. On the other hand, someone has a sense of belonging when he or she does not feel lonely and depressed. Loneliness and depression occur when a person lacks a sense of belonging. The person later suffers from psychological trauma.

Importance Of A Sense Of Belonging

  1. It helps the members to maximize their strength and reduce weakness.
  2. It drives away loneliness and depression among people.
  3. It brings about togetherness among people within a family and community.
  4. It creates room for interaction among people. They tend to share ideas as they interact among themselves.
  5. It encourages healthy inter-relationship among people.

How To Achieve A Sense Of Belonging

  1. Do not blame yourself for the painful experiences you encountered since other people have also encountered related experiences. (Attributional Retraining)
  2. As an individual, watch what you say and your way of thinking. (Carefulness)
  3. Accept people and their views which are not related to your views. You may need to open your thoughts to those new ideas since everyone’s thought could have element of value.(Tolerance)
  4. Associate with people and stop staying away from a gathering. Accept opportunities and indulge in whatever the activity entails.(Connecting with people)
  5. Search for ways that you are related with others rather than focusing on ways you are different. (Searching for similarities)

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  1. Define teamwork and a sense of belonging respectively.
  2. What are the importance of teamwork?
  3. State the importance of a sense of belonging.
  4. Mention and explain the ways of achieving a sense of belonging.

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