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2022 WAEC English Language

Paper 1: Objective


In each of the following sentences,
there is one underlined word and one
gap. From the list of words lettered
A to D, choose the one that is most
nearly opposite in meaning to the
Underlined word and that will, at the
same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentence.

1. Obi’s family is known for their audacity, so one is surprised at his…… A. Cowardice B. irritability C. moodiness D. insolence

2. Bayo is careless in his ways while
Tayo is A. lovable B. meticulous C.
difficult D. reserved

3. In this country, the law against armed robbery is stringent whereas that against smoking in public places is …. A. accurate B. complex C. lax D. easy.

4. The purpose of education is to facilitate progress, not to …… it. A. prevent. B. impede C. stampede D. restrain

5. These days, many people concentrate on temporal things to the detriment of the …… A. tangible B. durable C. unchanging D. spiritual

6. While your parents are ……. mine are liberal in their views. A. strict B. intimidating C. conservative D. discerning.

7. The judge expected direct answers but the accused was . .A. illusive B.
secretive C. delusive D. evasive

8. Kofi is generous, whereas his wife is
….. A. sparing B. stingy C. unkind D. harsh.

9. His manners are uncouth, while his
wife’s are …… A. clever B. classic
C. refined D. purified

10. The peak of Mount Everest is about six miles from its …… A. base B.
depth C. source D. root

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.

11. The recent floods in some countries have…. many lives. A. claimed B. drowned C. buried D. injured.

12. He does not smoke so the gift of an ashtray will not be quite….. .A. admirable B. applicable C. appropriate. D. attractive

13. The reviewer did an excellent job at the book . A. launch B. premiere
C. session D. briefing

14. The governor filed an. against the
ruling of the tribunal A. injunction B.

objection C. application D. appeal

15. At the terminus, all passengers on the train will have to … A. alight B. disembark C. descend D. dismount

16. Reading the….. of the famous king. one would see that he had many things to hide. A. memoirs B. chronicles C. life D. monument

17. The smaller boys had always drawn back in fear when the bully raised a first, but this time they did not…… A. advance B. agree C. retaliate D. recoil.

18. The old man prayed for the…. of
his sins before he died. A. omiSsion B.commission C. permission D. remission

19. Inflation has caused the cost of goods to…. A. escalate B. ascend C. intensify D. progress
20. The economy of the country has remained..despite the crisis. A.
strong B. realistic C. tough D. firm

After each of the following sentences,
a list of pOssible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that is most appropriate for each sentence.

21. The principal raised eyebrows at the student’s explanation. This means that the principal A. was unhappy about the explanation. B. rejected the explanation. C. considered the explanation. D. was surprised by the explanation.

22. Mary made a clean breast of everything. This means that Mary A. won everyone over. B. told the whole
truth. C. did everything efficiently. D. changed the way things were done.

23. Had it not rained, I would have visited you. This means that A. I visited you even though it rained. B. it did not rain and so Visited you. C. it rained so did not visit you. D. because it did not rain I visited you.

24. I hadn’t finished talking to Halima,
when she snapped my head off. This
means that she A. gave me a sharp slap. B. rudely interrupted me. C. hissed at me. D. ordered me to stop talking.

25. Franca’s behaviour towards Edward leaves much to be desired. This means that Franca’s behaviour was A. unsatisfactory. B. appreciated. C. commendable. D. unexpected.

26. The teacher truly had his heart in the right place. This means that he was …. A. kind and considerate. B. sharp and thorough. C. simple and modest. D focused and direct.

27. Only teachers could afford a car. This means that A. teachers could afford a car and nothing else. B. teachers and nobody else could afford a car C. teachers and others could afford a car. D. few teachers could afford a car.

28. The night watchman was given the
marching orders because of his negligence. This means that he was A. promoted. B. dismissed. C. counselled D. Suspended.
29. My friend is as dull as ditchwater.
This means that my friend is A. dark

in complexion. B. extremely boring C.
not intelligent. D. not a troublemaker.
30. The director sees Tim as the joker in the pack. This means that the director considers Tim to be …. A. unpredictable. B. humourous. C. nonchalant. D. unimportant.

From the words lettered A 1o D below each of the Following sentences
choose the word or group of words
that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence.

31. The president of the student union said it was strategic to boycott classes to press home their demands. A. acceptable B. ethical C. practical D, tactical

32. The proscription of the political parties was one of the steps taken by the military. A. launching B. expulsion C. banning D. removal

33. Farmers sometimes go through the frustrating experience of having to
watch their produce rot. A. disheartening B. dismaying C. annoying D. frightening.

34. The acrobatic displays left the spectators stunned. A. amused B. enticed C. astonished D. elated

35. Binetou looked quite resplendent in that red dress. A. expensive B. stunning C. respectable D. conspicuous

36. It is foolish to depend entirely on mundane things. A. imported B. material C. attractive D. expensive

37. Only a pragmatic approach will solve this problem. A. constant B. careful C. practical D. drastic

38. The governor rebutted all the allegations against him. A. rejected B. removed C. revoked D. refuted

39. He was jailed for failing to obey the court injunction. A. law B. order C. fine D. proceedings
40. The World Bank made funds available to the government for poverty alleviation. A. reduction B. removal C. termination D. elimination

From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

41. The two players protested against the ….. A. fitness twice-weekly practice B. practice fitness twice-weekly C. twice-weekly practice fitness D. twice-weekly fitness practice

42. If I …. what actually happened,
would have punished him. A. had
heard B have hed C had had D have heard

43. She was certainly going to the cinema, …. A isn’t she B. isn’t it C. wasn’t it D. wasn’t she.

44. Their …. house is by the side of the road. A. father-in-law’s B. father’s-in-law C. fathers-in-law D. father-in-laws

45. He….. his ideas very clearly at meetings. A. puts out B. puts across C. puts away D. puts in

46. Remember to return it to Ruth, …. hers. A. is B. it’s C. it D. its

47. I want to know your religious….
A. believe B. believing C. beliefs D.

48. The student did the assignment, but not…… the way I had expected. A.
Just B. quite C. hardly D. as

49. Bola invited Joe and …… to the show A. I B. myself C. me D. himself

50. Highlights …… the events will be
televised today. A. of B. for C. in D.

51. When the fire alarm went off, we all …. the door. A. made at B. made to
C. made after D. made for

52. Jane has stopped smoking,
A. hasn’t she B. didn’t she C. isn’t it D.
hadn’t she

53. Graduates find it difficult to secure
nowadays. A. an employment B
employment C. employments D. for

54. I’Il try to convince him as …. can. A. best B. best as C. the best D. well as

55. …. Were classmates in the university. A. His sister and I B. Me and his sister C. I and his sister 1D, His sister and me

56. Their shop stocks .. Overwhelming
variety of goods. A. any B. every C. an
D. each

57. It’s a miracle that the child didn’t die after the illness,…? A. did she B.isn’t it C. didn’t she D. wasn’t it

58. It is always good to live one’s
means. A. within B. under C. with D.

59. How I wish she ….. the books before Tunde arrived. A. sees B. had seen C. has seen D. Saw

60. He is certainly the ….. man in this party. A. most offended B. more offended C. very offended D. much offended

61. To ….. did you speak? A. whose B
whom C. who D. which

62 …. all probability, the strike will be
called off today. A. Through B. In C.
By D. At

63. Amao ….. his master in every way.
A. takes after B. takes over C. takes up
D. takes on

64. He ran ….. that the defenders couldn’t catch up with him. A. very fast B. much faster C. so faster D. so fast

65. I told them I would come back as soon as A. should B. can C. could D.

66. Isn’t it high time we…… A. started
eating B. start eating C. had started
eating D. start to eat

67. The reason he gave ….., was most
unconvincing. A. which he had no
money B. Since he had no money C.
that he had no money D. for he had no money

68. Sometimes minor incidents in our lives stand out because we cherish .. . A it B. many C. none D. them

69. An act of cleanliness is to dispose …. useless items. A. away B. of C. with D. off

70. Two of his…… left for Europe. A.

friends B. friend’s C. friends’ D. friend

In the following passage, the numbered gaps indicate missing words.
Against each number in the list below
the passage, four options are given in
columns lettered A to D. Choose the
word that is the most suitable to fill
the numbered gaps in the passage.

Within the last quarter of the
twentieth century, medical experts
have been laying emphasis on …71….. rather than ….72…. measures . Through primary health care programmes, people have been taught about these. When an individual …..73…. a disease, he has to see a doctor for …. 74…. . At times, the doctor finds it difficult to…. 75….. the disease during the initial examination of the patient because many diseases have similar …… 76…… When this happens, the patient is either asked
to go to the…… 77 …… for one test
or the other or he would have ….78… taken to help the doctor find out what is happening internally. It is after all these, and sometimes more, that the doctor can ….79…. Some drugs for the individual and perhaps give him some …. 80 … To save yourself and everyone else from this headache, it is advisable to pay heed to public health programmes.


You are advised to spend about 50
minutes on this section.

1. Write a letter to your friend in another school telling him or her about your future career and how it will be beneficial to your country.

2. The National Scholarship Secretariat is organizing an essay competition on the topic: The Menace of Fake Drugs in the Society. Write your entry.

3. As a former senior prefect, write a letter to the principal of your School on the occasion of its 60th anniversary
celebration, congratulating him and
offering three suggestions for the improvement of the school.

4. A new principal has just been posted to your school. As the senior prefect, write a welcome address on behalf of the students, pointing out three areas of need in the school.

5. Write a story to illustrate the saying:
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

You are advised to spend about 30
minutes on this section.

6. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

Alani was the seventh child of his family. When he was growing up, there was scarcely enough to go round. His mother was a petty trader while his father worked as a clerk in one of the ministries. But Alani was an intelligent child and performed brilliantly at school, This endeared him to his teachers. He represented the school at all competitions and won many laurels he won a scholarship to study at any school of his choice to university level. The future was indeed bright for him. However, having to constantly struggle with his siblings for the little sustenance provided by their parents turned him into an aggressive child.
While he was in Basic Six,

After graduation, Alani got a job with
a reputable accounting firm. He travelled far and wide and was trained extensively. He rose through the ranks and became one of the top executives.
After a while, he decided to establish
his own firm. His firm flourished because of his hard work, dedication and the huge amount of money and time he invested in the venture. After just a few years, the firm became a household name. However, things took a bad turn. Alani’s success went to his head. He became pompous. He would get angry at the slightest provocation. He refused to take the advice of his employees, considering them all beneath him.
Even when his workers had good suggestions for improvement, he would not listen. Often times, he would treat his clients shabbily. He began to lose clients one by one and his profits dwindled. His firm was on the rocks and he started to blame his employees for the downturn in his business.

He became suspicious of every move
made and action taken by his workers.
Soon, Alani became a bitter man. He
lost the respect of his workers because he often quarrelled with them. However, Alani’s secretary, who was his pioneer staff did not give up on him. She tried to talk to him and refused to resign when other members of staff were putting in their letters.
When five of his workers resigned on
the same day, that decided it! He realized that he just had to turn his life around. He went for counseling and began to turn over a new leaf. It was during one of the counseling sessions that he met a business mogul. They got talking and the man was impressed with Alani’s knowledge and expertise. They formed a partnership and Alani’s business began to grow again.

Alani had learnt a useful lesson: those who are endowed with success should nurture it with humility.

(a) What endeared Alani to his teacher?
(b) Mention two factors that accounted for Alani’s success in business.
(c) Why did Alani’s business almost collapse?

(d). What was ironical in Alani’s blaming his employees for the downturn in his business?

(e) What incident made Alani have a rethink?

(f) ….. On the rocks.
What is the meaning of this expression?

(g)….. who was his pioneer staff…
(i) What grammatical name is given to
this expression as it is used in the pas-
(ii) What is its function?

(h) For each of the following words, find another word or phrase which means the same and which can replace it as it is used in the passage:
(i) laurels; (ii) sustenance (iii) reputable; (iv) venture; (v) pompous; (vi) dwindled.

You are advised to spend about 40
minutes on this section.

7. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

Armed robbery is one of the most condemnable crimes in the contemporary society. People have been maimed or killed for their money or belongings in the past, but never has robbery with
VIolence been experienced on such
a large Scale as observed recently.
Armed robbery is typically motivated by the desire to obtain money and valuables. However, some armed robbers engage in the crime with the intention of boosting their status. Whatever the motivation, the act is inhumane and can result in injury and sometimes the death of the victims.
It is rather unfortunate that in almost
all modern societies there are always

groups of unemployed young people. Some are unemployed because
they have little or no education and
lack skills. What is even worse, these
young people are often unprepared for and unwilling to do any manual work to earn an honest living. They tend to blame society for their plight and retaliate by indulging in acts of crime and lawlessness. They grab money and valuable properties of their victim to enable them to survive in a society which seems to ignore them. To reduce the instances of armed robbery parents should do their best to nurture their children in the right way because charity begins at home. They should instill good values in them and should not hesitate to correct them early in life when they bring home something that does not belong to them.
The rich on the other hand, who are
mostly the target of armed robbers,
provide another cause. Some show off
their wealth ostentatiously, live flamboyantly, go about in flashy and sophisticated cars, shop from one exotic island to another on holidays, and brag about all their escapades on social media much to the annoyance and envy of the unemployed youth. To bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots, the government should provide the necessities for its citizens. Social services should be made available to those without jobs. The proVision of such amenities to cater for the entire populace would help to improve the living conditions of the unemployed and underdeveloped. The adequate provision of infrastructure would ensure that every individual has access to the basic comforts of life.

The breakdown of traditional systems.
resulting in loss of moral and spiritual values, has made wealth the only
thing of value in the eyes of the youth.
The ostentatious display of ill-gotten
wealth is applauded and the society
hardly questions its source. Many
young people therefore engage in all
manner of nefarious activities including armed robbery to make money in order to enjoy the delight and comforts of modem life and above all, be celebrated by their society. Law enforcement authorities can further reduce the spate of armed robberies by monitoring places known for high incidence of the crime. Constant and intrusive patrols of crime-prone areas can deter potential offenders.

(a) In three sentences, one for each, Summarize the factors that make some youths go into armed robbery.
(b) In three sentences, one for each, summarize how armed robbery can be reduced.



Section 1: Most nearly opposite in meaning

1. A: cowardice
The noun ‘audacity refers to the
action or attitude of being insolently
bold, daring or having the guts to challenge something or confront someone in a way that shows you are not afraid or saving your face. The opposite is cowardice. Other similar antonymous words are ‘fearfulness or timidity. Example: His critique of the
system exemplifies so much audacity.

2. B: meticulous
To be careless in one’s lifestyle
means to not be careful in what one
does, to be care-free, unbothered about things going wrong, nonchalant or in different to important things. The opposite is to be meticulous. Other words are: careful, cautious or restrained.

3. C: lax
The adjective stringent’ describes
rules or regulations that are strict,
harsh, rigid or difficult to bend/circumvent, stern or severe. The ones that are not taken seriously or that can be maneuvered are lax’, slack or lenient.

4. B: impede
As used in the context of the given sentence, the verb facilitate to
promote, accelerate, aid and enable
progress, They also denote making the realization of progress faster. The opposite is impede, ‘delay, ‘inhibit or
hinder’. Not that ‘prevent’ might also
be closer in meaning to “impede but it precludes the sense of slowing down the pace of progress. Hence, impede” is a better option.

5. D: spiritual
The context in which ‘temporal is
used very important. While whatever
is temporal does not last for a long
time, in the expression “These days.
many people concentrate on temporal
things to the detriment of the spiritual’, the adjective means: worldly, earthly mundane or profane. The opposite is ‘spiritual’, ‘transcendent or ‘divine’.

6. C: conservative
As used in the given sentence.
the adjective liberal means to be
open-minded and always progressive, forward-thinking and being able| to shift grounds in your approach to
issues, free thinking. Is conservative to be too conventional, rigid, and narrow-minded or not being able to shift ground, always wanting something done in a particular old way.

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