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Lesson Note

Subject: Computer Studies

Topic: ICT As A Transformation Tool

Sub-Topic: ICT Gadgets
Lesson Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

By the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  1. Define the basic terms relating to internet such as internet, world wide web (www), electronic mail (e-mail);
  2. Identify: internet browser, website address;
  3. Open an e-mail;
  4. Write e-mail address;
  5. Mention the benefit and the abuses of Internet;
  6. Recognize and name icons in the internet environment;
  7. Send and receive e-mail address and website;
  8. Chart on the internet,
  9. Link up with educational network groups.

World Wide Web (www): This is the collection of all the web sites and
web pages used to form a global web of information on the internet. It is a
system of interlinked, hypertext document that run over the internet.

E-mails (Electronic mail): It is a facility that provides a way of sending
and receiving electronic text messages between two or more people on the internet.

E-mail Address: this is the address of
an electronic mail on the internet through which text messages are sent electronically between computers.
Website address is the address in which we can use to locate a web site. It is also called Uniform Resources Location (URL).
web site is a colleetion of web pages available to companies or individual
in the World Wide Web to provide information.
Internet browser: This is a program that displays the information available on the internet. Examples are Mozilla, Netscape, Microsoft opera, google chrome e.t.c.
Modem: this is a computer component that translates information to be sent to and from the internet that is, it modulates and demodulates information.
Internet service Provider (ISP): Internet Service Provider is an organization that provides internet services or connects the user to the

Home Page: this is the first page that appears each time a user connects to the internet.

Web name: this is the name you register on the internet.

Explanations of Learning Concept Above

A. The Electronic mail (e-mail)
This is the facility that provides a way of sending and receiving electronic text messages between two or more people on the internet. ISPs allow the internet users to send or receive mails without extra charges.

Examples of Internet Service
Provider are:

  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • Gmail
  • Windows live.

E-mail Address
E-mail Address must be created in order for a user to have access to use an e-mail facility. This address is a word divided into four parts:

  • A network name.
  • @ which is a symbol of”at”.
  • ISP name.
  • A code majorly three letters.

Examples of e-mail address

  • Emeka (@yahoo.com
  • Bola @yahoo.com
  • Ahmed (@yahoo.com
  • Gloria @yahoo.com


– Emeka is a network name
– @ is a symbol that represents “at”
– Yahoo is an ISP
– .com is a code name

Steps in Creating an e-mail account

  • Open Yahoo mail website using the website address referred to as www.
  • Yahoo mail.com
  • Click on the sign up button.
  • Select the free e-mail option.
  • Fill in the required information on the registration form that appear.
  • Click on I Agree button.
  • A registration confirmation webpage will be displayed.

Steps in Sending an e-mail in Yahoo mail

  • Open Yahoo mail website.
  • Enter your e mail address and the password.
  • Press the enter key to display the web page.
  • Click on the compose button.
  • Fill the upper part of the compose web page as required.
  • Click the send button

Steps on How to Check An E-mail in Yahoo Main

  • Open yahoo mail website.
  • Enter your e-mail address and password.
  • Press the Enter Key to display a web page.
  • Click the check mail button or double-click the sender’s name in them.
  • inbox folder to display the text message.
  • Click the check mail button to go back to inbox page.

How To Print e-mail In Yahoo

  • Display the text message in the e-mail
  • Click on the print button to print the page

Icons in the Internet Environment

Back: It returns the user to the immediate previous site.
Forward: It moves the user to the next web page or site.
Print: It prints the displayed web page.
Favorites: It keeps track of the user’s favourite website.
Stop: It stops the current action on the web page.
Search: It allows the user to search the internet.
Home: It returns the user to the home page.
Refresh: It reloads the web page that the user is currently retrieving. If the previous loading fails.

B. World Wide Web (www)

World Wide Web is the largest site on the internet. It is a popular facility on the internet. The web consist of different web sites with a unique web site address or URL. URL means Uniform Resource Locator. The terms Internet and World Wide Web are often used interchangeably in everyday speech; it is common to speak of “gong on the Internet” when invoking a web browser to view web pages. However, the internet is a particular global computer network connecting millions of computing device; the World Wide Web is just one of many services running on
the internet. The Web is a collection of interconnected documents (web pages) aid other web resources, linked by hyperlinks and URLs. In addition to the Web, a multitude of other services arc implemented over the Internet, including e-mail, file transfer, remote computer control, newsgroups, and online games. Web (and other)
Services can be implemented on any intranet, accessible to network users.

Interweb is a mixture of Internet and World Wide Web typically used sarcastically to parody a technically unsavvy user.

Examples of educational website address

C. Internet Chart
Charting is a way of communicating with people in the same chat room anywhere in the world. Examples are Messengers such as Yahoo, Facebook etc.

A chart room is a location on the internet where a group of people with common internet gather to communicate.

Reasons for chatting

  • To get first hand information on the internet
  • To meet new friends anywhere in the world.
  • To give an answer to a question on the internet in order to solve
  • someone’s problem

How to chat on the internet

  • Create an internet message that will allow you to chat. E.g. Yahoo
  • massager.
  • Locate any website that create instant massages.
  • Make sure you have an ID name and password
  • Log on to chat room by typing your ID and password to any of the
  • instant massager
  • Search for a topic of internet on the internet.
  • Type to discuss.

Benefits of the Internet

  1. Easy shopping and trading e.g. foreign exchange.
  2. It gives fast and cheap means of gathering and transmitting
  3. information.
  4. It aids watching and downloading of movies and songs.
  5. It helps in locating institution in the world for admission.
  6. It gives instant messaging e.g. chatting
  7. It aids advertisement of goods and services.
  8. It supports sporting activitics.
  9. It gives fast exchange of information and data.
  10. It aids sending and receiving of mails.
  11. It gives e-banking, c-leaning, e-commerce and e-enter

Abuses of the internet

  1. Watching pornography films
  2. Invasion of privacy through special software called Spy ware.

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  1. What is internet?
  2. list the benefit of the internet.
  3. Mention ways abusing the internet.
  4. State 5 terms used in internet
  5. Define two of the terms.
  6. What is full meaning of URL?
  7. Briefly explain how to create e-mail account in Yahoo.
  8. Briefly explain the steps involved in chatting on the internet.

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