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Lesson Note

Subject: Computer Studies

Topic: ICT As A Transformation Tool

Sub-Topic: ICT Gadgets
Lesson Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  1. Define ICT gadgets;
  2. Mention four examples of ict gadgets;
  3. State what each gadget is used for.

ICT gadgets are computerized devices which we use to facilitate the speed of a process.

These include;

  1. GSM
  2. Fax machine
  3. Telephone
  4. Computcr

These are discussed below:

GSM stands for Global System of Mobile (GSM) communication. GSM is used for making and receiving calls among other functions. n Nigeria, GSM network is controlled by GSM operators such as MTN, AIRTEL, Globacom also known as GLO, Etisalat e.t.c. Anyone who buys and use a phone line from an operator is
called subscribers.

GSM offers the services below:
Short Message Service (SMS): It is a text messaging technology for
mobile nctworks
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): It is an image, audio, video and
text messaging technology.

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS): It is a mobile data service for
browsing the internet, sending and receiving mail

How To Create And Send Message Using The Gsm Phone
1. Switch ON the GSM phone;
2 Open the message option
Select the NEW MESSAGE option;
type the message;
type the receiver’s number;
press send or ok to send the massage to the receiver.

How to Store Information on GSM Phone

  • To store information on a GSM phone, open the phone memu,
  • Select the open MESSAGE option
  • select NEW MESSAGE;
  • type the massage;
  • Seleet save/store option and the message is saved.

How To Retrieve A Message From Gsm Phone

  • Open the MESSAGE option;
  • select and open INBOX option;
  • select the message you want to retrieve:
  • select OK; and the message will appear.

It stands for Fascimile machine. Fax machine is a device that scans an image and sends a copy of it in the form of electronic signals over transmission lines to another receiving fax machine. The receiving machine re-creates the image on paper.

Types of FAX machine
1. Dedicated fax machines: They are only used for sending and receiving fax document. They are commonly used at homes and offices.
2. A fax modern: It is an installed component in the computer system that sends fax message to other fax machine or computer system.

How To Create And Send Messages Using FAX

  • Switch (ON the fax machine;
  • dial the receiver’s number;
  • wait until you hear a fax tone;
  • insert your ducunel in the tray ofthe lax; and the document will start rolling, in that process, transferring the contents on the paper to the paper in the receiver’s Fax.

The Telephone
This is a communiation device which transrnits and receives sound. A simple telephone consists of switch, a speaker and a microphone.

The Computer
This is an ICT device that accepts connection of other devices such as telephone, video camera in order to communicate with people in different locations anywhere in the world at the same time.
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Lesson Evaluation

  1. What does ICT stands lor?
  2. List four ICT gadgets.
  3. Diflerentiate Betwcen GSM, Fax machine and telephone.
  4. Describe how to send message with a GSM handset.
  5. Describe how to send document with a Fax machine.

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