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Lesson Note

Subject: Computer Studies

Topic: Operation System
Lesson Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  1. Define the term Application software;
  2. Mention five types of application Software with examples.

Lesson Summary/Discussions

APPLICATION SOFTWARE Application software can be defined as a set of instruction and procedures designed for solving a specific problem on the computer by the computer user. It is generally called Application Package.
Application Software are grouped according to the function they


The types of application Software include;

  1. Word Processing Software
  2. Games Software
  3. Spreadsheet Software
  4. Graphics Software
  5. Desktop Publishing Software
  6. Database Management Software
  7. Multimedia
  8. Web Pages Software
  9. Internet Browser Software
  10. Presentation Software

The various types of application Software are discussed below:

Word Processing Software: These are software that are specially designed for typing text and simple graphics. Examples include Microsoft Word, Wordstar, Wordpad e.t.c.

Games software: Are used for relaxation and entertainment. Examples are: Mario, Chess and Solitaire e.t.c.

Spreadsheet: Are used for calculations and analyses based on rows and columns. E.g. Lotus 1, 2, 3 and Microsoft Excel.

Graphics Software: Are used for drawing simple and complex objects
like diagram, images and plan. Examples of graphics software are:
CorelDraw, Photoshop, Microsoft paint. e.t.c.

Web page Software: Is used to creatc internet web page. Examples of Web page software are Notepad, Microsoft Front page, Marcromedia
Dream Wreaver e.t.c.
Internet Browser Software: Is used to browse the World Wide Web or view HTMI (Hypertext Markup Language) pages on a CD, Example Mozilla Fire Fox, Microsoft Outlook e.t.c.
Presentation Software: Is used to view presentation slides containing text and graphics. Examples are: Microsoft PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics, Corel Presentation e.t.c.

Desktop Publishing Software: Is used for production of documents such as textbooks, newspapers, magazine e.t.c. Examples of desktop publishing software are Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Pagemaker, and Adobe Pagemaker
Database Management Software: Is used for managing data and also for keeping and extracting data and information e.g. Microsoft Acess,
Foxbase, Microsofl SQL and Compact disc.
Multimedia: Is used for playing movies and musical compact disc.
Examples are Microsoft Media player, Power DVD, Total Video convertere.t.c
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Lesson Evaluation

  1. Define application Software.
  2. Mention five types of application software with examples.

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