As the world celebrates Teachers today, I want to use this opportunity to appreciate the ones who made me, The Selfless Nation Builders (Teachers).

Teacher’s match past in Nigeria:

In defining who a teacher is, the following characteristics put forward by Prathyusha Vemula on quora clearly states it all. According to him, he describes a teacher as:

“A Teacher is that person who gives you not only the knowledge but also inspiration to live.

Teacher knows about the student’s ability. A real teacher never underestimate his students. He strongly believes that every child has his own potential to prove.

Teacher’s words are worthless. He stands like a guiding lamp in darkness. Ultimately education is the base to our wisdom.

Teacher is a great adviser in making your choice to build a career. Teacher is the only person who believes you that you can achieve something in your life.

Teacher is the only person who enjoys the success of a student with over joy & satisfaction. He can help you to turn your weakness into strength.

Teacher is the only person who can help you to lead the life in a better way by sharing his experiences. A teacher can show that success needs lots of sacrifice through his life.

A teacher may forget his student but a student never forget his teacher. Yes, I mean it. Teacher’s blessings are always with you. Let me explain this further. Here, he meant students may never ever see the teacher again after school to reward him physically but the teacher’s impacts are always with them.

Teacher shows us a great thing that success means giving, sharing, encouraging. Teacher puts all his efforts to bring up the students in their own way.
Teacher plays a major role in bringing up great citizens in the nation. Teacher shows unconditional love towards their students which helps the student to believe the teacher.


A great teacher treats every one of his student as their own kid & he believes that great student will change many life in a great way.

Teacher has patience to solve their children’s problems. A teacher always wants to be on the student’s side. If you keenly observe a perfect teacher, he may not see the negative side of a child, but he tries to improve the child in all aspects. Just like Ameer Khan in the movie”Thaare Zameen par”. They have become as role models to the upcoming teachers“.

Talking about patience, this pandemic has proven this fact. During this pandemic, lots of teachers especially the private school teachers have been off work without pay. While enduring the hard time, they are still busy finding ways to reach out to their students through e-lessons.

Take for example,, a blog which provides lessons freely for scholars. This is not to praise myself but just pointing out the extent to which we teachers care for the world (scholars).


To the selfless nation builders (Teachers), its your day! May God continue to strengthen and keep you for your good deeds! Indeed your reward is in heaven because no amount of praise can quantify the lives you positively impact daily! I couldn’t have chosen any other better profession. I’m happy and grateful to God you made me one of you! Happy Teachers day my fellow tutors!

Merrily International Academy Teachers

If a teacher has touched your life, use the comment section to make a shutout to him/her.

Teacher Gloria Ogunbor