This Scheme of work contains week, topics, units, Teacher and Students Activities as well as instructional aids.


1. Greek Festival And The Olympic Games
-Greek festivals
-Ancient Olympics games
-Modern Olympic games
-Teacher explains the significance of Greek festival
Teacher: Discusses the origin of the Olympic games. Highlights the values of the Olympic games. Discuss the role of Pierre de Coubertin in the revival of the Olympic games.
Students: note the significance of Greek festivals. Take parts in class discussion and ask questions. List the value of the Olympics games. Note the roles of Pierre the Coubertin in the revival of the modern Olympic games
Instructional Aids: text books, posters, charts, CD-ROMs.
2. International Competition
-The FIFA world cup
-Olympics games
-Para-Olympics games
-World secondary school soccer championships
-The world volley ball league
Teacher: explains various acronyms
-Identifies various secretariats and their locations. Lists various symbols on the Olympic flag.
Students: listen and take notes. Ask questions and answer questions. Identity symbols on the Olympic flag in group.
Instructional Aids: textbook,
manganese, flags of the governing bodies.
3. Sports Governing Bodies
-National and international Sports governing bodies e.g. FIFA, NSC, IOC, SCSA.
-Administrative structures and
function at national state and local government levels. -Administrative structure at primary, secondary and
Teacher: discusses various sports governing bodies. Invites a guest speaker to give talk on the administrative structures and functions at the national state and local government levels.
Students: participate in class discussions actively and copy notes from the board. Listen to teacher, ask and answer questions
-Instructional Aids:- textbooks, chart,
flags of the sports governing bodies, video documentaries

3-4. Ball Game Hockey
-History of hockey game
-Nature of hockey game
-Basic skills in hockey
-Types of hockey pitch
Teacher: narrates brief history. Explains nature of the game. Narrates basic skills in the game. Explains and demonstrates and supervises the skills in hockey. Mentions the two types of hockey pitch.
Students: listen to teacher Demonstrate and practice skills. Participate in class discussion. Ask and answer questions.
-Instructional Aids: hockey sticks, balls, diagram of the pitch textbooks.
6. Hockey
-Facilities and equipment officials.
-Rules and regulations
-Teacher lists the facilities and equipment. Enumerates the officials and their functions. State the rules and regulations of the games. The terminologies of the games as used
Students: listen and take notes down
participate in the class discussions.
Instructional Aids: textbooks, charts
balls, and the pitch
7-8 Gymnastics Box Work
-Definition of gymnastics
-Description of box work in gymnastics.
-Various box work
-Astride vault through vault
-Long arm over string treat under approach,
-Execution and handing techniques.
Teacher: defines gymnastics. Describes box work in gymnastics. Enumerates the various vaults
Students: practice the venous gymnastics activities under the supervision of the teacher
Instruction Aids: valut, maitresses
posters etc.
9-10 Field Events
-Long jump (Practical)
Teacher demonstrates.
Students: practice the skills.
-Instructional Aids: take off board,
landing pit, whistle flags,
11- 13.  Revision and Examination.


  1. 1. Ball games (Basket ball)
    -Practical basketball game skills
    -The teacher demonstrates the skills
    -The students practice the skills under the supervision of the teacher
    Instructional Aids: basketball, Basketball count, net, whistle, canvas
    2. Volley Ball Game
    -Practical on volleyball game skills
    Teacher: demonstrates the skills
    Students: practice the skills
    -Instructiona:l Aids: Volleyball, volleyball court, whistle, canvas, net etc.
    3 .Tennis Game
    -Practical in tennis skills
    Teacher: demonstrates the skills
    Students: practice the skill
    -Instructional Aids: Tennis rackets, Tennis balls, Canvas, Tennis court etc.
    4 . Soccer Game
    -Practical in soccer
    -Skills in soccer
    Teacher: demonstrates some of the skills in soccer.
    Students: practice the skills
    Instructional Aids: Soccer ball/ Football, Whistle, Soccer pitch, Flags, Stop watchers.
    5-6. Revision Examination
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