This scheme of work contains weeks, topics, units, teacher’s and Learners Activities as well as instructional resources which will enable teachers to prepare their lesson note easily.


1. Data Models

  • definition of data models
  • types of data models

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Defines Data Model
  • Discusses the concept of data modeling
  • Give example ties of data models

Instructional Resources: charts, software package.
2. Data Modeling

  • creating tables
  • creating forms
  • creating queries
  • creating reports

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Demonstration how to Create Table, Form, Queries and Reports
  • watch teachers demonstration

Instructional Resources: computer set, software packages.
3 Data Modeling

  • significance of data model
  • exampled of standard of a standard data model data models.

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Explains the significance of data model.
  • Participate in classroom activities

Instructional Resources: computer set, software packages
4 Normal Forms

  • examples of tables in first normal forms, tables in second and third normal forms
  • problems of table in first normal form.

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Demonstrate how to create table in normal forms.
  • Watch teacher demonstration

Instructional Resources: computer set, tutorial packages.
5 Normal Forms

  • determinants of normal forms
  • foreign keys

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Explain the determinant of normal forms unique determinant non unique determinant
  • State the concept of foreign key.
  • Differentiate between primary key and foreign key.
  • Students should participate in creating tables in normal form.

Instructional Resources: computer set, tutorial package.

6 Entity Relationship

  • Entities, attributes and relationships

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Explain the main components of an entity relationship
  • (er) model with examples
  • illustrate relationship between entity and attribute with (er) diagrams
  • Learners listen and participate.

Instructional Resources: Charts and computer set.
7 Entity – Relationship Model

  • additional features of entity model.

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Give additional features of Entity Model e.g. connectivity and cardinality.
  • Listen and participate in class discussion

Instructional Resources: Charts and computer set.
8 Relational Model

  • creating relations using sql
  • modifying relations using sql

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Explain and demonstrates how to create and modify relation using SQL
  • Listen and participate in Lesson discussions.

Instruction Resources: SQL soft ware, computer set.
9. Relational Model

  • Integrity constraints over relations
  • -State integrity constraints over relations such as no not null, unique, primary key, foreign key and check.
  • -The constraints to define the ways
  • automatically enforce the integrity of a database.
  • Instructional Resources: Computer set, sql software

10 Relational Model enforcing
integrity constraints

  • The SQL to show how to enforce integrity constraints e.g. no action

Instructional Resources: SQL software, computer set
11 Relational Model

  • querying relational data

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Explains how to use SQL and query a relational data e.g. to create a view statement” create view name and select query”.

12 File Organization

  • methods of file organization

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Define file organization
  • State and explain methods of file organization e.g. heap, sentential, hash and btree files
  • State characteristics of each file structure.

Instructional Resources: Computer set, chart.
13 Revision
14 Examination

1. Connection of internet

  • -internet browser
  • -benefits of internet

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • The teacher leads the students to define internet.
  • list internet browsers (Opera, Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, UC) etc.
  • Show the students their icons on the computer.
  • Explain / demonstrate the benefits of internet

2 Internet

  • requirements for internet connection
  • internet secreting
  • abuses of internet

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Names requirements for internet connection
  • e.g. modem, computers etc.
  • Defines internet security and list examples
  • AVG, Avast,Nortons
  • Students to mention the abuses of internet

3 Internet

  • searching for information
  • downloading a file from a web page.
  • copying from a web page.
  • guides the students to browse and open a web page on the net.
  • Demonstrates how to download and copy from a web page.

Instructional Resources: computer set with internet facility.
4 Presentation Package

  • meaning of presentation package
  • uses of presentation package
  • identification of Power Point toolbar and its content.

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Guides the student on
  • definition presentation package with examples (PowerPoint)
  • State the uses /importance of presentation packed
  • The teacher loads PowerPoint presentation and guides the students to identify the tool bars and its contents.

5 Creating Presentation

  • inserting slides
  • applying design

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Lead the students to Work with slides, applying designs e.g. design template, color scheme, animation scheme.

6 Modifying Slides

  • Formatting Text On The Slides
  • animation texts and chart in presentation

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Format texts on slides by changing their style, size, colour and orientation
  • -Apply an imitation to text e.g. entrance, exit etc
  • -Applying animation to inserted pictures e.g. motion path.

Instructional resources: PowerPoint software, computer set
7 Final Presentation

  • save presentation
  • set slide timing
  • -set transition
  • -run slide show
  • -close presentation
  • -Set slide tuning and transition style
  • -Save the presentation run the slide show both automatically and by monde click.
  • Close and exit presentation

Instructional materials: PowerPoint presentation software,
computer set.
8 Web Design Packages

  • -meaning of web design
  • -Define web design packages
  • -uses of web design packages
  • -State uses of web design package
  • -Participate in clan room discussion

Instructional Resources: charts pictures
9 Web Design Packages

  • -components of web design packages
  • -examples of web design packages

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Give examples of web design packages, e.g. serif web plus, ace html g pro dream wearer, nettbject function etc.
  • -Lead the students to discover the four components e.g. solid layout effective
  • typography, colour scheme etc.

10 Creating Websites

  • using Google by adding text images , links and tables to the web pages.

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Guides the students to format ext (change fort colour, size and type ) and change paper
  • properties
  • -Lead the students to their web sites.

Instructional Resources – internet facility, computer sets.

1. Graphic Packages

  • -meaning of graphic software package
  • -uses of graphic software package

Teacher/Learners Activities

  • Teacher leads the students to define graphic software package
  • outlines the uses of graphic package.

Instructional Resources: charts, pictures, computer laboratory
2 Graphic Packages

  • examples of graphic package
  • component ion of graphic package

Teacher’s /Learners Activities

  • Teacher gives examples of graphic packages – CorelDraw, Photoshop, paint etc
  • CorelDraw software and would be opened to see and identify their basic components like standard menu, tool box, pallet box. etc.

Instructional Resources: computer set, CorelDraw software.

3 Corel Draw Environment

Teacher/Learners Activities

  • to see file, edit, view, arrange, layout and effects, file in the place to make a new sheet open a file, save, print and scan.
  • students to participate actively in the practicals.

instructional resources: computer set, CorelDraw software.
4 Object Transformation

  • definition
  • object stretching
  • scaling, mirroring, rotating, skewing objects etc.

Teacher/Learners Activities

  • to draw an object after which, they will practice scaling, stretching etc on the object.

Instructional Resources: Computer set, CorelDraw software.
5 Object Transformation

  • object shaping and text kerning
  • editing and shaping
  • colour and pattern filling

Teacher/Learners Activities

  • Draw an object and guides the students to perform the different kind of transformation on it.

Instructional Resources: computer set, CorelDraw software.
6 Object Editing/Arrangement

  • object duplication
  • object movement
  • grouping and alignment
  • intersecting and trimming

Teacher/Learners Activities

  • Draws an object and guides the students to duplicate and move it.
  • guides the students to group the duplication object and align them etc.

Instructional Resources: computer set, CorelDraw software.
7 Object Editing / Arrangement

  • -object envelop
  • -blending

Teacher/Learners Activities

  • The teacher should draw an object and demonstrates object and object envelop roll – up and blending of two or more objects.
  • students follows teacher’s example to practice

Instructional resources: computer set, CorelDraw software.
8 Working With Layout

  • drawing page and background
  • border

Teacher/Learners Activities

  • set guidelines
  • leads the students to create a drawing page and background.
  • guide the students to create border and set guidelines.

Instructional resources: computer set, CorelDraw software.

9 Working With Layout

  • importing image
  • inverting image
  • adding armistices

Teacher/Learners Activities

  • Leads the students to import images (pictures) from another package like paint or ms – word.
  • leads the student to in set images on their drawing page and add artistic texts.

Instructional resources: computer set, CorelDraw software.
10 Maintenance Of Computer

  • general cleaning of the workshop and computers.
  • basic maintenance procedure
  • Explain and demonstrates how to make computer dust free
  • Students to clean the computers and the workshop with the supervision of the teacher.
  • Participation in carrying out basic maintenance like blowing dust out etc.

Instructional Resources: computer set, broken down computer sets (scraps)
11 Maintenance Of Computers

  • battery charging and replacement
  • DVD drive lens cleaning

Teacher/Learners Activities

Explains and demonstrates how to charge and replace batteries and how to clean the lines of DVD drive.
Instructional Resources: AC power source, screw driver and clean clothes.

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