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Lesson Note

Subject: Cultural And Creative Arts

Topic: Forms of Beautification

Lesson Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  1. Define the term beautification;
  2. Explain two forms of Beautification;
  3. Identify and mention the four types of body Beautification;
  4. State the purpose for Tatoos;
  5. State the dangers of tattooing the body;
  6. Make a simple pattern with henna or lali leaf.

Lesson Summary / Discussion

What is Beautification?
Beautification is the act of making a place, a thing or even our bodies beautiful.

Forms of Beautification

There are two forms of Beautification and are discussed below:

A. Beautification in the Locality

Our environment can be made beautiful with the planting of trees.
Trees do not only beautify our environment but they also recycle the
carbondioxide to oxygen that we breathe in. Trees also provide shelter
for man and animals and also give us fruits, seeds and nuts.

An example of a beautiful environment

B. Body Beautification
Body beautification is another form of beautification which comes in different forms. It can be body piercings, body face) paintings and tattoos, to mention but a few. They are explained as follows:

1. Body Piercing
This involves making a hole in the body to allow jewelry go through.
The most common form of body piercing is ear piercing. Other body
parts that are pierced are the nose, lips, tongue and navel, and so on.
The jewellery items used include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and

Body Piercing: freepik.com

2. Ear Piercing
This is usually performed without anaesthesia by using a spring
loaded ear piecing gun or piercing needle.

Ear Piercing: vectorstock.com

3. Make-ups
These are cosmetics used for body
beautification. Examples include
powders, lipsticks, eye liners mascara and nail polish.

Make up kits

Make up Beautification: freepik.com

4. Tattoos
Tattoos are decorations that are made on the skin. A special kind of ink is injected into small dcep holes, made in the skin with the use of an electric needle.

Tattooing of body: istockphoto.com

Types of Tatoos

Tattoos are in two forms, the permanent and temporary tattoos.
The temporary ones may last for a few hours, days or weeks before they rub off. But permanent tattoos can be on the skin forever.

Purpose of Tattoos

There are different types of tattoos. They include prison tattoos, Religious tattoos, military tattoos e.t.c.

Tattoos are placed on the skin for several purposes and they are to represent some religious and spiritual worship:

  1. To show bravery in times of wars;
  2. To mark someone with a high status or rank in the commumity;
  3. To mark outcasts and convicts.
  4. or protection against evils in some culture;
  5. To pledge people’s love, one for another;
  6. To inflict punishment on people.

Dangers of Tattoos
In as much as tattooing serves as beautification of the body, it can also be dangerous especially when it is not done under hygienic condition. Tools used such as needles and razors, materials like ink or dye, and even the fingers of the artists may be contaminated.

Through this practice, diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis can be spread.
Another danger is that some people’s skin may be allergic to ink or the deep holes made in the skin. Marks made on the skin may become infected if not properly treated.

B. Making Patterns for Body Tattoos Using Simple Plants as Motifs
The body, shoulders, arms and chest can be made beautiful by decorating them with different patterns.

Henna leaf can be used for making simple patterns for body tattoos


  • Pluck a henna leal from a plant. One side is smooth while the other side is rough with the middle ribs and side-ribs jutting out.
  • Colour the rough side of the leaf with any colouring material.
  • Stamp the coloured side of the leaf on any part of the body.
  • A leaf called ‘Lali’ or henna can be used also for making tattoos on the body.
  • Lali leaves can be squeezed and the liquid used for decorations on the body.

Body Beautification with Lali/Henna leaf

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Lesson Evaluation / Test

  1. What is Beautification?
  2. Mention and explain the two forms of Beautification.
  3. List and explain the types of body Beautification.
  4. Mention the types of tattoos.
  5. What are the purposes of tattoos?
  6. What are the dangers of tattoos?

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