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Lesson note

Subject: Cultural / Creative Arts

Topic: Masai, Collage, Paper Mache

Leaning objectives: by the end of the lesson the learners should be able to:

  1. Say the meaning of Mosaic
  2. Mention materials for making Mosaic
  3. Make Mosaic using the given procedure
  4. Say the meaning of collage
  5. Mention materials for making collage;
  6. Make a collage using the given procedure;
  7. Say the meaning of Paper Mache;
  8. Mention materials for making paper Mache;
  9. Make a paper Mache using the given procedure.
  10. Recognize a mosaic, collage and Papier Mache work when when they come across such work outside the classroom.
  11. Decorate their home with mosaic, collage and Papier Mache.

This objective covers cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor domain of learning.

Instructional Materials: You can find this in materials for making Mosaic, collage and paper Mache as listed in the lesson Summary. I don’t have to list them here to avoid repetition of words. But if you are writing this as a teacher in your school lesson note, I advice you list them out.

Lesson Summary / Discussion

This lesson focuses on Mosaic, Collage and Paper Mache.

Mosaic is an ancient form of painting, basically in pictorial forms. Mosaic can simply be defined as a picture, decoration or pattern produced by arranging and sticking small pieces of coloured pieces of inlaid stone, glass, tile etc., unto a support known as anchorage.

Materials And Tools For Making Mosaic
The materials include:
Coloured pictures cut from magazine,
Cardboard, Bits of coloured glass or broken bottles, Strong adhesive or glue, Pieces of coloured tiles, Pieces of coloured tiles, Flat plywood, Beads, used newspapers, pen or pencil,
Sequins, Bottle tops etc.

Tools Required:

hammer, knife, scissorscutter.

Step by Step Procedure in Preparation of Mosaic

  1. Get ready the required materials.
  2. Mount and stick the cardboard unto the plywood using glue.
  3. Sketch the picture on the background support.
  4. Apply strong adhesive on the drawn picture and place the bits of coloured glass side by side to fit the drawn picture.
Picture of Mosaic

Importance Of Mosaic

  1. We use Mosaic to decorate our home.
  2. Mosaic works are used by teachers as instructional material in the classroom.
  3. It builds the spirit of patience and endurance in students.
  4. Mosaic creates a beautiful effect when viewed from a distance.
  5. Mosaic is fine and used to decorate the wall, floor and ceiling of building.
  6. They are used in producing wall decorations.
  7. Mosaic replaced the use of colours in painting picture.
  8. It is a method of creating forms such as mask.
  9. It is less expensive since most of the materials can be found readily.

B. Collage

Collage collage is a work of art or technique done by pasting various materials on a single surface.

Materials for making collage

Part of photographs, Fragments of envelope, Cardboard paper, Beads, Glue, utility knife, used magazine, old calendar, scissors etc.

Procedure for making collage

  • Choose a theme for your collage.
  • Get the materials ready.
  • Outline the shape or form you want your collage to look like on a chosen surface.
  • Apply glue to the surface.
  • Cut the materials (photographs or magazine) into pieces usually a desired shapes.
  • Start to paste the pieces to the glue.
  • Allow the collage to dry.

Functions of Collage

Picture of Collage

Similarities Between Collage And Mosaic.

  • Both are two dimensional in shape.
  • Both are known as painting technique.
  • Both can be practiced within the classroom environment.

Difference Between Collage And Mosaic.

  1. Mosaic employs only one medium whereas in collage, two or more media can be combine to create a picture.
  2. Mosaic could be executed on the floor without minding peoples movement on them. Unlike collage that could not be fixed on the floor for people to match upon.
  3. Collage involves wider range of materials than mosaic.
  4. Historically, Mosaic has been in existence before collage.
  5. Mosaic is a painting for eternity and as such can be made permanent whereas collage may not stand the test of time as materials tend to breakout easily from constructed work.

C. Paper Mache
Paper Mache also called Papier mache is a substance made of pulped paper or paper pulp mixed with glue and other materials or media. Papier mache is the craft in which objects are formed and cast with a mould using a mixture of wet pulped paper and starchy paste or gum.

Materials Required
Newspaper, liquid glue or craft glue, water base starch or cassava ,bucket, colour, water, wheat paste,coloured tissue paper, black crepe paper, protective gloves,floral wire and floral tape, white and black card stock, thirty gauge wire, needle, masking tape, pencil,cotton balls, empty jars, clothespins and clothesline.
Tools Needed
Mortar and pestle.
Paint brush.
Manicure or sewing scissors.
Utility knife.

Step by Step Procedure in Making Paper Mache

  • Get old newspaper and magazine.
  • Cut newspaper into small bits.
  • Soak the pieces of newspaper in water overnight.
  • Pound the pieces of soaked newspaper in a mortar with the aid of a pestle.
  • Squeeze out the excess water from the paper pulp .
  • Mix the pulped paper with the water base starch paste or liquid glue.
  • Mould the desired object using the paper pulp.
  • Dry the moulded work in the sun and decorate it with colours.

Paper Mache

Products of Paper Mache
They include:papiermache mask, rabbit in papier mache, bowls in papier mache.

Functions / Uses Of Papier Mache

  1. It can be used for making sculptures, pinatas (clay or cloth and is associated with Mexico), ornaments, masks, figurines.
  2. Products of papier mache can serve as teaching aid in the classroom.
  3. Finished products serve the purpose of interior decoration in our homes, offices and to keep pencils and pens.

Activities: I encourage teachers to carry out these practicals with their learners to enhance retention of memory.

Project: Teachers can ask their learners to carry out project work on mosaic, collage, or papier Mache. This project is suitable over the weekend or mid-term break since they require time to accomplish.

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Lesson Evaluation / Test

  1. Define mosaic.
  2. Mention the materials and tools for making mosaic.
  3. What are the uses of mosaic?
  4. What is collage?
  5. Mention the materials for making collage.
  6. State the differences between Mosaic and Collage.
  7. Define papier mache.
  8. List the materials and tools for making papier mache.
  9. Mention the products from Papier Mache.

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