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Lesson Note

Subject: Civic Education

Topic:  The Role of Employment in Alleviating Poverty.

Lesson Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  1. Define the term Employment;
  2. State the importance or role of employment in Alleviating Poverty in a country.

Lesson Summary / Discussion

Meaning of Employment
Employment is a state in which somebody has a work to do by self- reliance or by public service and from which he earns a living and helps contribute to the economic development of the state. It is a condition of having a paid job. Employment can be equally regarded as the work that is available in a country or area. To be employed means to have a means of livelihood. Employment therefore means engaging labour into meaningful and productive use. There are three types of labour that can be employed. These are unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled labour. They are remunerated differently as a resulIt of their differences in proficiency. The unskilled labourer does menial jobs because what he does require no cognate experience and training but directives. The semi- skilled labourer has little formal or non-formal training. He lacks deeper knowledge of the technical and theoretical aspects of the work. The skilled labourer is one with professional training about the nature of the work. He often designs and co-ordinates the work for maximum productivity.

Unemployment on the other hand is a condition where a trained,
willing and capable job seeker has no paid work/job to do to earn a living. Unemployment could be in various forms and types namely; structural unemployment, technological, seasonal, residual and voluntary unemployment.

How Employment can Alleviate Poverty.

Employment can make the problem of poverty less intense or severe in society because when people who are willing to work are able to find jobs to do, poverty will be reduced. Employment will help to alleviate poverty in the following ways;
  1. Employment Attracts Regular Salary / Income: A person who is employed receives a specified amount of money at the end of thee month as salary. He uses this money to take care of himself and his family by putting food on their table and paying their bills, such as school fees, medical bills, house rent, clothing etc.
  2. Improvement in the Stand ard of Living: Employment makes it possible for people to have improved standard of living. They are able to eat properly and live in comfortable houses. These would not be possible if they are unemployed. Unemployment makes people to live a low quality life.
  3. Investment of Disposable Income (Savings): A worker who is paid at the end of the month should be able to save a percentage of his salary. He can invest part of his savings in a scale industry which can offer employment to jobless people thereby improving their living standard. This may have a multiplier effect as those employed people will equally extend their hands to their families and relations.
  4. Improvement in Self Esteem: Poverty is usually displayed in loss of self esteem. Employment can alleviate poverty because the employed person has confidence in himself and has a higher ambition. He no longer depends on people for his basic In this way, employment solves his poverty problem.
  5. Employment Reduces Crime: Crime is a product of poverty. Most arrested armed robbers have confessed that it was poverty that lured them into crime. When they are employed, poverty is reduced and problems such as delinquency and crimes are reduced.
  6. It helps in creating wealth for the teaming population of a state
    otherwise called economic community.
  7. Employment helps in the economic development of a society through provision and expansion of amenities, facilities and welfare services.
  8. It utilizes all human and material resources needed to develop a state for the benefits and prosperity of all.
  9. Productive employment is the engine room for further creation of employment. It has a positive multiplier effect. In economics it is said that wealth creates wealth. Have more points to add to this lesson or a thank you for this piece? Share your idea with the world on the comment section! See previous Lessons In Civic Education

Lesson Evaluation / Test

  1. Define the term Employment.
  2. State the importance or role of  employment in Alleviating Poverty in a country.

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