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Answer all the question in this section
1______refers to the structure of a work of art. A. form B. plot
C. setting D. Style
Answer B
2.conflict in a literary work begins to unfold with. A. climax
B. episode C. exposition D. resolution
Answer B
3.The character assumed by the author in his writing is. A protagonist B. chorus C. Persona D. pseudonym
Answer D
4.oral literature is part of A. drama B. folklore C. poetry D. music
Answer C
5.Poetry is written. A. chapters B paragraphs C. scenes D lines
Answer D
6 soliloquy is a___ technique. A. Descriptive B. dramatic
C. narrative D. poetry
Answer B
7.The_______produces comic relief in drama A. chorus B. protagonist C. antagonist D. clown
Answer D

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8. A short play is also called a A. farce B. novelette C. playlet
D. slapstick
Answer C

Read the stanza and answer questions 9-11
For days I wrote and felt depressed
The one and all I loved had left
But then on me our Bill impressed
‘Your love is where she looks better
9. The rhyme scheme is A. abab B. aaba C. abcc D. abbc.
Answer A
10. The lines are iambic A.pentameter B.trimeter C.tetrameter D.hexameter
Answer A
The lines constitute A and epic B.a quatrain C.an ode D.a seslet
Answer A
12.’The sun smiled gently on the scene ” illustrates A.paradox B.euphemism C.hyperbole D.personification
Answer D
13.The major partof the Petrachan sonnet is the. A.quintet B.seslet C.tercet D.octave
Answer A
A poem that celebrates an object ,person or event is A.a sinner B.dirge C.an ode D.a ballad
Answer C
15.”That it will rain is not usually” illustrates the use of A.irony B.litotes C.metaphor D.metonymy
Answer B
16. An_____is an indirect and usually unfavorable remark. A.allusion B.irony C.aside D.inuendo
Answer D
17.’Many hands make light work’ illustrates. A.zeugma B.hyperbole C.metonymy D.synecdoche
Answer D
18. Though_________ the ills of society are criticised with the objective of having them corrected. A dramatic irony B.comic relief C.satire D farce

Read the following lines to answer questions 19-20
The livid waters roared and snarled and flapped
At the door battered and weeping yacht
19.The dominant literary device used in the lines is A. smile B. alliteration C. assonance D. personification
Answer D

20. The picture presented is one of A. quiet sea B. dark sky C. stormy weather D. calm season
Answer C


Unseen Prose And Poetry

Read the passage and answer questions 21-25
He was under the siege of three unionexcutive members
There was the secretary standing over him; there was the Treasurer puffing away at a cigarette;there was the Organizer lounging near the door a deadpan look plastered on each of their faces like a death-mask
Incredulous,he sat in a pensive mood. How could the others do such a thing?His discontent turned to silent anger that simmered
“I think it is not right”, he said just managing not to explode from his growing anger
“You sign that sheet ,Mr president”,ordered the secretary in a barely audible but stern voice
“Why are you doing this?” He asked ,his voice not giving any hint of the boiling cauldron of screaming anger in his chest
“Will you sign, Mr president?”
“All right “, he said ,now seething amiably. He took his pen picked up the sheet of paper and looked over the signature. Then he proceeded to tear up the paper into shreds.
The attitude of the writer towards the president is one of
A. contempt B. Disdain C. Disinterest D. Approval
22.The prevailing atmosphere is
A. Tense B. Sad C. Cordial D. Warm
Answer A
23. The expression “plastered on each of their faces like a death mask” illustrates A. alliteration and metaphor B. simile and personification C.  personification and alliteration D. metaphor and simile
Answer D
24. ……. screaming anger” is an example of. A. allusion B personification C. simile D. euphemism
Answer B
25. The last paragraph illustrates A. foreshadow B. pathos C. bathos D. climax
Answer D
Read the poem and answer question 26-30
We have come to the crossroads
And I must either leave or come with you
I lingered over the choice
But lifted the lamp of love
The road that I should take
The theme of the poem is
A. indecision B. Separation C. Rejected Love D. Required love
Answer A
27 the speaker is A. decisive B Frustrated C. disappointed
D. Angry
Answer B
38. The dominant literary device used in the poem is. A. paradox B. Parody C. Metaphor D. Oxymoron
Answer C
29. The mood of the poem is A. jubilant B. sad C. Gloomy D. Romantic
Answer D
30. The poem can be described as A. an epitaph B. a lyric C. lullaby D. an elegy
Answer D

Section B
Answer all the questions in this section
Read the extra and answer questions 31-35
So opposite to marriage that she shunned
The wealthy,curled darlings of our nation
Would ever have ,t’incur a general mock
Run from her guardage to the sooty bosom
Of such a thing as thou – to fear not to delight?
(Act I, Scene two ,lines 66-70)
31. The speaker is A.Othello B duke C.Brabantio D.lago
Answer C
32. The speaker is addressing A.Cassio b.brabantio C.Roderigo D. Othello
Answer D
33.”Sooty bosom” is a metaphor for A.a black coal B.Othello C.a breastplale D.lago
Answer B
34.” Run from her guardian ” refers to A. Emilia B. Desdemona C. Biance D. Cassio’s mistress
Answer B
35. The setting is A.another street outside the Sagittary B.A chanical chamber C.A seaport in Cyprus D. The citadel
Answer A

Read the extract and answer questions 36-40
For when my outward action with demonstrate
The native act and fingure of my heart
In compliments extreme,its not long after
But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve
For dads to pack at
(Act I,scene Two,lines 58-62)

36. The speakers is A.Brabantio B.Duke C.Roderigo D montano
Answer D
37. The addressee is A.Othello B.Duke C.Roderigo D.Montano
Answer C
38. The underline expression shows that the speakers is A.jovial B insincere C. Polite D.unfriendly
Answer C
39. The setting is A.a street in Venice B. A street in Cyprus C.outside the citadel D.a court before the citadel
Answer B
40. What has happened to the speaker? A.he has been fined B he has fallen out of favour C.he has been denied promotion D.he has lost his job
Answer C

Read the extract and answer questions 41-45
Work or,
My medicine works! This credulous fools are caught
And many worthy and chaste dames even this
All guiltless ,meet reproach. What ho! My lord!
(Act I’ve,scene One,lines 45-49)
41. The speaker A.Othello B.lago C. Lodovico D.Bianca

Answer B

42. The speaker is addressing A.Casino B.Duke C.herself d.himself
Answer D
43.Just before the speech A.Othello falls into trance B.Bianca flings a handkerchief at casino C. Montano fights with Cassio D.Roderigo is killed
Answer A
44.’ Medicine’ in the extract refers to the speakers. A.hatred B passion C.lies D.loyalty
Answer C
45. The character that enters immediately after is A.lago B.Emilia C.Othello D.Cassio
Answer D

Read the extract and answer questions 46-50
I am glad I have found this napkins
This was her first remembrance from the moor
My wayward husband hates a hundred times
Wooed me to steal it; but she so loves the token (for her conjured her she should ever keep it)
That she reserves it evermore about her
To kiss and talk to
(Act III, scene Three lines 46-50)

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46. The speaker is A.Bianca B.Emilia c.Clown D.Desdemona
Answer B
47. The characters that just left the scenes are A.Othello and LA go B.Montano and Cassio C.Othello and Desdemona D.Gratiano and Desdemona
Answer C
48. ‘She’ in the extract refers to. A. Othello B.Lago C.Cassio D.Roderigo
Answer B
49. My wayward husband refers to A Othello B.lago C. Cassio D.Roderigo
Answer B
50. In the extract’ ‘ this napkin’ is the token of love between .A.lago and Emilia B.Cassio and Desdemona C.Bianca and Cassio D. Desdemona and Othello
Answer D

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