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Lesson Note

Subject: Social Studies

Class: JS3

Topic:  Accidents In The Home And In The School.

Lesson Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

  • State the meaning and examples of accidents in the home and schools;
  • State the need for safety;
  • Safety measures in the home, school and workplace.

Accident can be defined as an unexpected occurrence that is capable of causing physical harm or damage.

Example of accidents in the home are:-
  • Hot water burns.
  • Fire outbreak
  • Falling down from the staircase
  • Bites from insects or snake.
  • Knife cut.
  • Bruises caused by hitting or knocking the body against an object.

  • Falling down while playing football
  • Having a sprained ankle while missing a step.
  • Injuries from sharp objects e.g. razor or bottles.
  • Burns and scalds from hot chemicals in the laboratory.
  • Falling down the stair case.

Safety in the environment involves taking every precaution to ensure that the environment is safe for us to live in. Reasons for safety in the environment include the following:
  • A safe environment is a hazard-free environment.
  • To sustain the environment so that present and future generations can be supported by the environment.
  • To preserve natural beauty of our environment.
  • To reduce health-related risks in order to prolong life.
  • The need for safety is very important as it would to a large extent reduce the accident rates at home, school and working place.


Safety Measures At Home
1.The home and its surroundings should be kept clean always by sweeping the floor and clearing the bushes.
2.Dangerous household utensils such as knife and cutlass should be kept out of the reach of children.
3.Electrical faults should be handled by the experts.
4.Broken glasses,bottles and plastics should be carefully disposed by burying them.
5.The home should be well ventilated.
6.To prevent fire outbreak, the use of candle at home should be used with caution.
7.A generator should never be placed inside a house.
8.The drainage should be clean and unused water containers should be disposed off to avoid breeding of mosquitoes.
9.A well stocked first aid kit to deal with emergencies should be available.

Safety Measures At School
  • The school building must be well constructed with the right materials to prevent it from collapsing.
  • School laboratory should have apartments or cabinets where dangerous chemicals are kept and locked up. Students should be guided by a teacher during practical classes.
  • A well stocked first aid kit should be available in the school.
  • Students should be properly monitored during sporting activities by a sport specialists.
  • Physical fight between students should attract strict penalty and the students should be well informed about this.

Safety Measures At Work
The nature of safety measures at Workplace depends on the produce of the company. The labour laws in Nigeria emphasize the need for safety measures at workplace.
  • Workers should be properly trained before handling any instrument that can cause bodily harm.
  • Naked light should be kept away from inflammable materials.
  • A factory or workplace should have a sfety manager.
  • Workers should be properly educated on safety measures peculiar to their work place.
  • Electrical works should be carefully done and handled by experts.
  • A worker should have a health care unit with a well stocked first aid kit and medical personnel.

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Take a quick test for this lesson

  1. What is an accident?
  2. State three examples of accident in the school.
  3. List three causes of road accident.
  4. State two accidents at home.
  5. List 3 safety measures at school.

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