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Lesson Note
Subject: Biology
Topic: Supporting Tissues in Plants.
Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:
1. Mention the supporting tissues in plants;
2. State the functions of ea h of the supporting tissues;
3. State the need for supporting tissues in plants.

Lesson Discussion


The Needs For Supporting Tisues In Plant Are For:

  1. For plants to have definite shape;
  2. For strength;
  3. For rigidity;
  4. For resistance against external force such as wind and water.

Types of Supporting Tissues in Plant

  1. Parenchyma tissues
  2. Collenchyma tissues
  3. Sclerechyma tissues
  4. Xylem tissues
  5. Phloem tissues

Parenchyma Tissues
They are made up living cells with cellulose and many air spaces between within them. This is the most common and abundant plant tissue.


  • It gives firms and turgidity to the stems of hibiscus
  • Stores food and water
  • Sakes part in food synthesis in leaf mesophyll
Collenchyma Tissues
Made up of living cells which are elongated and thickened at the corners.


  • Provides strength and support in young growing plant.
  • Gives flexibility and resilience to plant.

Schlerenchyma Tissues
They are made up of thick cells containing cellulose and ligion.
The tissues are rich in fibers.


  • gives flexibility to plant
  • provides strength, rigidity ,hardness and support to plant

Xylem tissues are found in vascular tissues of stems,roots and leaves

provides support strength and shape to the plantHelps to conduct water and mineral salt from the roots to leaves.

Phloem Tissues
Also located in the vascular bundles of all plants in their roots, stems and leaves


  • Conduction of manufactured food from site of production to site of consumption and storage.
  • Assist to provide support to the entire plant.

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