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Lesson Note

Subject: Christian Religious Studies
Topic: Jesus The Son of God and Christians are also Children of God
Lesson Objectives: At The end of the lesson, learners should be able to:
i. Explain what being son of God means in the passage,
ii. Recognise the males and females are all children of God,
iii. Discuss the rights and responsibilities of Christians as children of God and also as Nigerian citizens,
iv. Identify people from all races as children of God.


All human beings created by God are literally referred to as children of God as long as such human beings remain obedient to God. However, this status of being called son of God is lost when the individual starts living in disobedience to God. Due to this disobedience, man initially lost the privilege of being called the child of God.
When Jesus came, he obeyed the law by doing the will of God. He obeyed the law for men to be qualified as children of God. St. Paul, in his epistle to the Galatians assured them that they were children of God because Jesus Christ the Author and the Finisher of their faith is the son of God. Through the Galatians Christians, Paul reached out to all Christians on how to be children of God. He said since those that are baptised into Christ have put on Christ, there should be no discrimination among Christians. All Christians are one in Christ Jesus. If one is in Christ, then he is Abraham’s offspring according to the promise.
When men were children spiritually, they were slaves to the elemental spirits of the universe. But when the time had fully come, God sent forth His son, born of a woman and born under the law so that men might receive adoption as sons. When they became sons, God sent the spirit we of His son into men’s heart crying, ” Abba Father!” So through God, believers or Christians are no longer slaves but sons and heirs.

Ways We Can Show That We Are Children Of God

i. We should reject Satan in every sphere of our lives and accept Christ as our savior.
ii. We must one and fulfill Christian obligations and those of state also.
iii. We must strict hard to win more soul for Christ and contribute our quota in cash and kind towards the propagation of the gospel and Christianity.

Lesson to Learn

St. Paul’s message that Christians are all children of God by faith in Christ Jesus is a pointer that Christians should endeavour to be mature in faith by living exemptions life according to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is maturity in faith that would make Christians to actually qualify to call themselves children of God, and call God their father and He would answer them.

Responsibilities Of Christians As Nigerian Citizens ( 1Peter 2:13 – 17)

A good Christian citizen is one who abides by the law of the land as he obeys the law of God. He contributes his quota towards the development of the society.
A good Christian citizenship is the art of having right attitude towards duties and obligations towards the nation and the civil authority.
Peter urges Christians to submit themselves for God’s sake to those in authority. This means that Christians are to be loyal, obedient, respectful, and should respect those in authority e.g Kings, Governors, Judges and other lawful authorities.
Peter said a good Christian citizen is the one who respects the authorities and the rulers who have been appointed by God to punish evil doers and praise those who do the right thing.
Peter said Christians are free from bondage of sin and not from obedience to God’s law. Therefore, a good citizen should live as a free person without using his freedom as a protest for evil, but should live as a servant of God.
Above all, should honour all men, love the brotherhood of Christians and other citizens, fear God and honour the rulers and the kings.

How To Be A Good Christian Citizen

i. A good Christian should maintain self-discipline, be obedient to the power that exist and avoid making derogatory statement to constituted authority.
ii. A good Christian citizen should pay tax, rate, levy , fine, etc promptly.

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Take a quick test for this lesson
i. In what ways did Paul teach Christians to become true children of God?.
ii. How can a Christian rightly become a child of God?
iii. Give a brief summary of the lessons to be learnt from Paul’s teaching to the Galatians on becoming a child of God?
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