Welcome Great Scholar! In our Basic Science And Technology lesson today, we will be looking at another aspect of living things “The Uniqueness Of Man”. Do have a pleasant moment studying with us. Lesson Note Subject: Basic Science And Technology Class: JS2 Topic: Living Things ( The Uniqueness Of Man) Learning Objectives: By the end of the Lesson, The learners should be able to:.
  1. Define the term human being;
  2. Give reasons why man is classified as an animal;
  3. State the features that makes man unique.


LIVING THINGS (UNIQUENESS OF MAN) Human beings are living things because they move, feed, grow, respire, excrete, reproduce and respond to changes in their habitat or environment. Among the living things, human beings are animals because they: 1. Cannot make their food; 2. Move from place to place; 3. Have no chlorophyll; 4. Have complex organs for respiration, excretion, reproduction and sensitivity; 5. Respond quickly to changes in their environments; 6. Practice courtship in production. Although human beings are animals but special kind. In this lesson, you will learn about the uniqueness of human beings among other animals. UNIQUENESS OF HUMAN BEINGS Human beings belong to the animal kingdom. Many people will not want to be called animals. A human being is an animal, but a very special kind of animal. Human beings are higher animals because of the presence of backbones. They are said to be unique. But what is it that makes them unique? What is it that makes human beings different from other animals? Among the animals only human beings have the ability for reasoning and problem solving. HUMAN BEING AS AN INTELLIGENT ANIMAL Wondering if humans too are animals? Yes, human beings belong to a special kind of animals called primates. Primates are higher animals, which have large brains, forward facing eyes, nails and hands with grasping thumbs facing the other fingers. Some animals like monkey, gorilla, and chimpanzee also belong to this special group. But human beings show greater advancement than these other primates by: 1. Having higher intelligence due to highly developed brain; 2. Demonstrating higher ability to handle tools due to the position of their thumb opposite the other fingers. The human brain, which is bigger and more highly developed than other primates, makes a human being a special animal. The part of the human brain that is most developed is the cerebrum which controls thinking and speech. Thus, the human brain makes human beings the most intelligent living thing on earth. The human brain enables human beings to:
  • Think,
  • Reason,
  • Remember,
  • Solve problems,
  • Make inference
  • Communicate (speak),
  • Control the environment and other living things in the habitat.
  • The position of thumb opposite the other fingers enables human beings to handle tools and manipulate things.
Done studying? See all lesson on Basic Science/Technology Take a quick test for this lesson 1. Human beings are unique among other primates because … (a) they have higher intelligence due to highly developed brain. (b) they have forward facing eyes. (c) they have hands. (d) they have nails. 2. Explain why you are unique among other primates Questions answered correctly? Great! Do stay connected to itsmyschoollibrary.com for more educational contents.