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Information And Technology

Lesson Note

Subject: Basic Science And Technology

Class: JS2

Topic: ICT

Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

  1. Explain the term ICT
  2. Identify the components of ICT
  3. Describe the uses of ICT components
  4. Discuss the importance of ICT



ICT is an acronym for Information and Communication Technology. It is defined as the entire process involved in processing, sending and receiving, storing and retrieving of information using electronic devices. This involves all that goes into data/word processing, safe keeping and manipulation of data (data analysis), supply of information on request, electronic business transactions, electronic teaching and learning, electronic banking, electronic structural designing, etc. In ICT, two key words are involved which include Information and communication. Information may be in the form of messages or sets of data concerning an issue. For instance, you may wish to know the meaning of HIV/AIDS or the number of people in your community who are HIV-positive. On the other hand, communication is the passing of information from one person to another. Communication may be passed verbally by body or sign language, through writing, and through the printed or electronic media. Your textbooks, newspapers, and other printed materials are parts of the print media while electronic media include the radio, television and computer.


ICT components are the various methods and devices involved in passing and receiving information. These components are stated and explained below:

  • The Computer: This is an electronic machine used in processing, storing, and retrieving information at a relatively high speed in accordance with a set of prescribed instructions. It is made up of the data capturing devices called input devices, the output devices that is used for bringing out information and the processing unit for storing information. The input device are light pen, keyboard, punch cards, microphone, mouse, and joystick. The output devices are the monitor, speakers, printer, and plotters. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) forms the main brain of the whole set-up.
  • Telephones/Mobile Phones: These are devices that send and receive audio information. They are capable of sending and receiving text messages and even pictures. Some can be used as mini calculators and sometimes can be employed in accessing the internet. GSM means Global system of mobile telecommunications.
  • Fax Machines: These are electronic devices used for sending and receiving copies of written information across distant locations.
  • The Internet: This is a global form of network of several networks. It is made up of interconnected computers all over the world. With the internet, messages can be sent and received from persons to persons irrespective of the location. That’s why someone in Nigeria can communicate with someone else in London. With the Internet, one can have access to any sort of information whether social, technological, economic, political, educational just like you are doing now etc. You are getting access to this lesson note with the aid of the internet. So almost everything is possible now with the internet. That’s why during this COVID19 pandemic, government encouraged teachers and students to go electronic learning (e-learning).


The importance of ICT cannot be over emphasized. They include the following:

  1. Through ICT, collection, collation and analysis of large quantities of data are done with ease, speed and accuracy.
  2. Sending and receiving of information from many parts of the world faster and cheaper rates is made possible.
  3. ICT enhances innovational design and manipulation of structures.
  4. Most business transactions are now done with mobile phone and e-mail. This has helped to reduce stress posed by moving from one business location to another.
  5. ICT has contributed immensely to teaching and learning process as students can access current information on any topic from the internet.
  6. With the aid of ICT, local banking system has been replaced by electronic banking there by enhancing transaction process.
  7. We now have access to libraries around the world through ICT.
  8. Information moves faster through various local and international news channels provided by ICT.


Having been exposed to ICT as a topic, it is important at this point to test your memory ability by answering the following questions.

  1. Define the term ICT
  2. Mention four ICT components
  3. State two uses for each components mentioned.
  4. Explain in detail how ICT has made the world a global village.

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