Current Affairs Questions and Answers About Government and Society

(1) A human community that is usually cohesive and homogeneous is

(A) nation

(B) kinship

(C) clan

(D) nation

(2) Which of the following made the earliest contact with the Nigerian society?

(A) British

(B) Portuguese

(C) french

(D) German

(3) Under the 1963 republican constitution, the president exercised?

(A) judicial power

(B) executive power

(C) nominal power

(D) concurrent powers

(4) The principal of federal character was first enunciated in the

(A) 1989 constitution

(B)1963 constitution

(C) 1999 constitution

(D) 1979 constitution

(5) Between 1960 and 1966 Nigeria was governed under the

(A) presidential system

(B) Westminster system

(C) confederal system

(D) unitary system

(6) One major factor that differentiate the presidential from the parliament system is

(A) separation of power

(B) judicial independence

(C) passage of bills

(D) party system

(7) A major feature of the policy of deregulation in Nigeria is the

(A) enthronement of market forces mechanism

(B) increasing dominance of the economy by the state

(C) proliferation of public cooperation

(D) phenomenal increase in direct foreign investment

(8) Bicameral legislature exists:

(A) where camera men are allowed to cover the proceedings of legislature

(B) to prevent the concentration of power in one legislature house

(C) to provide jobs for more politicians

(D) to ensure that just laws are passed

(9) A major issues that distinguishes pressure groups from political parties is
(A) membership

(B) the objective

(C) the voting pattern

(D) the ideology.

(10) Equality before the law is component of

(A) separation of powers

(B) checks and balanced

(C) the rule of law

(D)constitutional law

(11) A law passed by the legislature and assented to by the executive is

(A) an act

(b) a presidential proclamation

(C). A decree

(D) a legislative order

(12) The principles of checks and balances empowers the judiciary to

(A) invalidate the actions of other arms

(B) administer the criminal justice system

(C) abrogate the law

(D) apply the law

(13) In a parliamentary, the term shadow cabinet is often used to refer to

(A) back benchers in the house

(B). Deputy prime minister and assistant ministers

(C) rebellious members of the ruling party

(D) portfolio designates. Of the party in opposition.

(14) The fundamental assumption on which the idea of the rule of law is based is

(A). Supremacy at the constitution

(B)rationality of human being

(C) quality of human being

(D) love for social justice.

(15) Association whose main interest is to influence public policies without attempting to capture state power are

(A) communal group

(b) trade union

(c) political parties

(D) pressure group

(16) Multilateralism in Nigeria foreign policy entails

(A) Africa being the centre piece of Nigeria foreign policy

(B) Non-aligned posture in international affairs

(C) quest for a permanent membership

(D) membership of international organisation.

(17) The set of policies on the basis of which countries interact with one another is called

(A) diplomacy

(B) foreign policy

(C) National policy

(D)international relations

(18) After the defeat of Germany in world war 1, her former colonies were administered under the league of nation as

(A) occupy territory

(B) trust territories

(C)crown colonies

(D) protectorates

(19) The Nigeria – Cameroon crisis over Bakassi peninsula occurred owning to the interpretation of the treaty of 1913 and the

(A) resolution of OAU

(B) Maroua accord

(C) decision of the ecowas

(D) decision of the international court justice

(20) The first Nigeria leader to become chairman organization of African unity was:

(A) Tafawa Balewa

(B) Murtala Muhammed

(c) Yakuba Gowon

(D) Aguiyi Ironsi


1D 2B 3C 4D 5B 6A 7A 8D 9B 10C 11A 12A 13D 14C 15D
16D 17B 18B 19B 20C

Latest Nigerian Current Affairs

1. The parliament of Nigeria is called ________

(A) House of Representative
(B) Senate
(C) State house of Assembly
(D) National Assembly

Answer: D

2. Democracy day is celebrated in Nigeria on———

(A) Oct 1
(B) Jan 12
(C) May 29
(D) June 12

Answer: D (It was recently changed)

3. How many members make up the house of representative in Nigeria?

(A) 280
(B) 774
(C) 360
(D) 359

Answer: C

4. How many members make up senate in the upper arm of the national assembly?

(A) 100
(B) 108
(C) 109
(D) 110

Answer: C

5. Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zone?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

Answer: B

6. Nigeria flag was created by——————-

A. Mr Aina Onabolu
B. Prof Wole Soyinka
C. Taiwo Akinkumi
D. Ben Odiase

Answer: C

7. How many local governments do we have in Nigeria?

A. 744
B. 774
C. 747
D. 784

Answer: B

8. Who was the first military head of state?

A. Gen. Muritala Muhammed
B. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida
C. Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi
D. Gen. Idiagbon

Answer: C

9. Who stopped the killing of twins in calabar?

A. Henry Townsend
B. Herbert Marculey
C. Mongo Park
D.Mary Slessor

Answer: D

10. Nigeria became a republic in what year?

A. May 29, 199
B.Jan 15, 1966
C. Oct 1, 1960
D. Oct 1, 1963

Answer: D

11. Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS. was established in what year?

A. May 1975
B. May 1963
C. May 1966
D. May 2000

Answer: A

12. Which state is referred to as “The Sunshine State”

A. Ekiti state
B. Ondo State
C. Jigawa state
D. Oyo state

Answer: B

13. The Nigeria flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi in what year?

A. 1957
B. 1959
C. 1960
D. 1963

Answer: B

14. The amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates and the colony of Lagos was in what year?

A. 1959

B. 1914

C. 1963

D. 1960

Answer: B

15. Nigeria celebrated her last centenary anniversary in what year?

A. 2000

B. 2014

C. 2020

D. 1990

Answer: B

16. Who is the current minister of Education in Nigeria?

A. Prof Rukkayat Rufai

B. Adamu Adamu

C. Prof Adedapo Afolabi

D. Prof. Wole Soyinka

Answer: B

17. The state with the least number of local government in Nigeria is——————

A. Zamfara B. Lagos C. Bayelsa D. Anambra

Answer: C

18. Who is the current Senate President in Nigeria?

A. Yakubu Dogara
B. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan
C. Tukur Buratai
D. Oshiomole

Answer: B

19. Who is the current House of Rep in Nigeria?

A. Yakubu Dogara
B. Bukola Saraki
C. Tukur Buratai
D. Oshiomole

Answer: A

20. Which state is referred to as “Centre of Excellence?”

A. Ekiti state
B. Ondo State
C. Lagos state
D. Oyo state

Answer: C

21. Which state is referred to as “The Gateway state”

A. Ekiti state
B. Ogun State
C. Jigawa state
D. Oyo state

Answer: B

22. The current minister of petroleum is —————-

A. President Muhammodu Buhari
B. Amaechi
C. Aisha Alhassan
D. Babatunde Fashola

Answer: A

23. The first coup carried out in Nigeria was in what year?

A. 1996
B. 1966
C. 1967
D. 1973

Answer: B

24. Nigeria civil war started in what year?

A. 1967
B. 1970
C. 1966
D. 1985

Answer: A

25. The Aba Women Riot took place in what year?

A. 1975
B. 1929
C. 2001
D. 1939

Answer: B

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